Page last updated: 18 July, 2012
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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program:

Your way to become a student at IIS-RU

Ramkhamhaeng University has adopted the semester system. An academic year follows the Academic Calendar:

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First Semester: June - October
Second Semester: November - March
Summer Session: April and May

Please see the application schedule for the next semester as well.

For International Students

Due to the Modular Course System in our international programs you are not limited to the semester begin in order to start studying. In the modular course system, each subject is taught in one month (undergraduate students study two subjects per month, graduate students one subject). With each new month, new courses start. At IIS-RU, therefore, you can begin studying with each month and don't need to wait until June or November when the main semesters begin.

If you prefer to begin your studies in June or November with the majority of your new fellow students, please feel free to do so. You just need to tell us in your application the month when you would like to start.

For Thai Students

You can apply all year round and begin your studies with the next semester to come including the summer session. (If you need to start within a semester, please ask the director of IIS-RU for an exception from this rule.)

Students who want to study non-degree can apply and begin to study any time (including Mathayom 4 to 6 school students).

For all Students

In any case, the Student ID Card is issued once a year in August. If receiving the Student ID Card as soon as possible is of highest importance for you, you may want to start in June with the first semester of an academic year.

In order to ensure the world-wide acceptance of a serious university degree, it needs some bureaucratic procedures. Please note that the Application Process applies only for the first time you want to register for courses (in contrast to the Registration Process that you need to follow for each semester when you register for the courses of your choice for the semester to come).

To avoid confusion, please note that Application Fee and Registration Fee have to be paid on different bank accounts as named in the particular process description!

For any non-degree studies (non-degree program or semester abroad at IIS-RU), entrance requirement is the equivalent of the U.S. Junior High School Diploma (grade 9) or Mathayom 3 at a Thai secondary school.

The step-by-step process leading you to your registration is as follows:

Step 1

After you decided which program you want to study, you send a completed Application Form with the attachments required in the Application Process to IIS-RU.
Please note the different options for applicants from within Thailand and from outside Thailand in the Application Process.

Step 2

After your application is accepted, you will receive a Letter of Admission. Students from outside Thailand use this letter to receive a student visa at the Royal Thai Embassy or Consulate in their country.

Step 3

On the day of registration according to the Application Schedule for each semester, you will do your Entrance Examination. Please check whether you might be exempt from taking the Entrance Examination.

Step 4

The last step is your registration according to the Registration Process. You will register for each further semester again. So please note that the tuition fee depends on the number of courses you register for in each semester and, therefore, may be different from term to term. For your first registration, you will receive the information from the IIS-RU office. For all further semesters, please request the exact amount of money to pay at the office.

Step 5

Welcome to your studies! Make friends among fellow students from all over the world and enjoy the individual attention of your international professors. Be active in class and take the most out of one of the most international academic degree programs on the world ... develop to your fullest!

Transfer of Credits to IIS-RU

You certainly can transfer credits to an undergraduate program at IIS-RU that you earned from any university accepted by the Thai Ministry of Education within the last 5 years. Precondition is that the curriculum of your course is the same as the respective course in our curriculum.

The final decision is made by the director of IIS-RU based on your official transcript from your former university. If you don't have an official transcript yet, you can send a list of your courses (including course description and contents) per e-mail to IIS-RU. We then will tell you which courses you might transfer. You will have to proof this list, however, by submitting an official transcript later. Only with an official transcript from your former university you can eventually transfer the credits.

For your request, please use the Credit Transfer Form.

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