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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)

Ramkhamhaeng University International Program (English Program): 

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Technology
B.A. (Mass Communication Technology)

Major: Integrated Communication Studies

Course Descriptions of Major Requirement Courses 

TM100 Theories of Communication

To study the meanings, factors, processes, concepts, communicative theories, roles and functions of communication, types and levels of communication, evolutions of communication, influence and impacts of every level of communication, especially mass communication.

TM101 Media in Mass Communication

To study concepts, characteristics, forms and methods of various kinds of media for mass communication including the uses and effects of media, especially mass media.

TM102 Introduction to Mass Communication Technology

To study the evolution, concepts, principles, forms, characteristics and technology trends for communication and mass media; study the equipment, tools and the technology applications for mass communication.

TM103 Good Governance in Communication

To study concepts, theories about good governance for communication, ethical concepts and decision making for communication, law, regulations; professional organizations concerning mass communication and effects on various levels caused by communication, some case studies of good governance for communication.

TM104 Research for Mass Communication

To study principles, types, social science and behaviorism research processes, both qualitative and quantitative; research planning, the research applications for mass communication and ethics of researchers.

IC101 Human Communication

To study human behavior relating to communication and use it as a tool to make a living, including various social developments; study the history of communication, psychology for communication, and media applications in overall aspects.

IC103 Interpersonal Communication

To study theories, principles, and methods of interpersonal communication; interaction and patterns of interpersonal communication in all levels - from family, subgroup, social organization and the public etc., with the main objective to develop communication skills.

IC111 Speech Communication

To study general principles of speech to attain knowledge and basic skills for effective speaking and to be able to deliver speech in public creatively and effectively enhancing individual potential.

IC201 Introduction to Language for Communication

To study the history and evolution of language for communication; the relationship between language and thoughts, symbols and meaning for social communication, language characteristics in communication processes, language and social interaction, message analysis and critical language studies.

IC202 Advanced Skills in Language for Communication

To study and practice language for communication effectively: reading, listening, speaking and writing. Practice analyzing the writing in PR and advertising media and mass media; practice creative writing for organizational communication and mass communication business; practice reading TV and radio scripts.

IC211 Rhetorical Theories and Criticism

To study concepts, theories and rhetorical principles emphasizing on applications for verbal communication analysis, and analysis of the speeches of nationally famous and world-famous figures.

IC213 Oral Interpretation

To study reading communication and develop reading skills, poetic reading aiming at correct reading styles and appropriate to the types of texts.

IC221 Persuasive Communication

To study different concepts in psychology, behaviorism, and social science that affect communication in order to use them in the changing process of perception, attitude and patterns of behavior, including the reliability of the sources of information, information media, and information receivers in both verbal and non-verbal communications.

IC223 Psychology of Speech and Audiences

To study the nature and purposes of speech focusing on fundamental principles of verbal communication psychology as it applies to personal and group uses.

IC241 Organization and Communication

To study the behavior and relationship of different groups in an organization focusing on a relationship build-up both inside and outside the organization.

IC243 Communication for Human Relation

To study good relationship in society using communication processes to create understanding in oneself and others; to be able to develop personalities; avoid and refrain from conflicts using communication processes as a guideline.

IC313 Oral Communication for Business

To study the principles of efficiency increase in using rhetoric for persuasion or giving statement to get returns and business benefits, including the use of non-verbal communication to increase effectiveness in business contact.

IC315 Speaking for Selling

To study the principles of speaking for selling products and services in many forms; study the customers' needs and behavior, how to get attention and how to speak for selling effectively.

IC317 Speaking or Public Relations

To study the characteristics, types and techniques of delivering speech for various occasions: for PR, for maintaining and promoting organization's image, for lecturing, discussing, holding a press conference, interviewing and solving PR crisis.

IC333 Cultural Media for Communication

To study various patterns of cultural media, traditional media and folk media, focusing on understanding the nature, texts, forms and the impact of media on society, and the growth of society on cultural media in order to apply to the contemporary communication in various forms.

IC400 Integrated Communication Studies Internship

Getting practical experience and exchanging with outside or local professionals; students, lecturers and professionals plan and evaluate the internship together.

IC401 Route Cause Analysis in Communication

To study the whole system of communication processes by analyzing senders, messages, channels of communication, receivers and feedback including other factors, in order to use the concepts, theories and communication models for checking the communication process and designing it in any projects or plans effectively.

IC403 Communication Research

To study the fundamental knowledge, understand the research process on social and behavioral science, both qualitative; to analyze the text of messages, meaning, concepts, and apply the communicative theories to find solutions using scientific methodologies, which cover all steps of research process in order to be able to do advanced research planning.

IC419 Speech Composition

To study speech principles emphasizing on receiver analysis and situation; focusing on the traditionally appropriate preparation skills, both for the speaker himself and preparation for others.

IC421 Communication for Negotiation

To study the forms of communication for negotiation by applying concepts and interpersonal communication principles, communication for persuasion, and rhetoric in reasoning as a tool.

IC423 Communication Strategies and Planning

to study principles and communication planning techniques for individuals, organizations and the public. Choose media appropriate to the aims of the organization and situation.

IC433 Counseling in Communication Affairs

To study the counseling strategies and techniques for people, private and governmental organizations in project management, planning or other campaign activities where communication is needed; the technical proposal writing and project and plan proposal writing.

IC441 Integrated Marketing Communication

To study the processes and strategies in using concepts, communication theories to do PR, advertise and present organization's products including direct marketing to harmoniously promote marketing activities and commerce in business sectors. It is therefore, to increase both the effectiveness and efficiency of the communication among marketers, message senders and targeted message receivers.

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