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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS)
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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program (English Program): 

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication Technology
B.A. (Mass Communication Technology)

Major: Multimedia Journalism

Course Descriptions of Major Requirement Courses

TM100 Theories of Communication

To study the meanings, factors, processes, concepts, communicative theories, roles and functions of communication, types and levels of communication, evolutions of communication, influence and impacts of every level of communication, especially mass communication.

TM101 Media in Mass Communication

To study concepts, characteristics, forms and methods of various kinds of media for mass communication including the uses and effects of media, especially mass media.

TM102 Introduction to Mass Communication Technology

To study the evolution, concepts, principles, forms, characteristics and technology trends for communication and mass media; study the equipment, tools and the technology applications for mass communication.

TM103 Good Governance in Communication

To study concepts, theories about good governance for communication, ethical concepts and decision making for communication, law, regulations; professional organizations concerning mass communication and effects on various levels caused by communication, some case studies of good governance for communication.

TM104 Research for Mass Communication

To study principles, types, social science and behaviorism research processes, both qualitative and quantitative; research planning, the research applications for mass communication and ethics of researchers.

JR101 Principles of Journalism Writing

To study communication processes and theories, writing concepts, writing principles, types, forms, writing structure, target groups, language use for public communication, news writing, article writing, introduction to feature writing.

JR102 Arts for Communication in Journalism

To study the principles and theories of basic factors of arts used in mass communication and multimedia; analyze and criticize arts in journalism work.

JR103 Computer-Assisted Publishing

To study the operation system of the computer for publishing, both hardware and basic software for publishing processes focusing on both theories and practice.

JR104 Evolution of Multimedia Journalism

To study the evolution of journalism starting from news manuscript, origin of printing machine and printing media, newspaper, online newspaper and other electronic media, which are mass media in journalism work; comparative journalism concepts between old and modern newspaper, both domestic and abroad, both Thai central and local newspaper.

JR105 Principles of Printing

To study various printing systems, printing process and printing house; printing method selection appropriate to printing work.

JR201 Advanced Journalism Writing

To study the question creating, grasping the points, thinking social phenomena differently; practicing news, articles, features writing and other writing concerning social phenomena; analysis and studying other writers' work; writing practice in individual's style, language characteristics written to communicate with the public.

JR202 Principles of Multimedia Journalism Writing

To study the nature of mass media and multimedia; analysis on multimedia writing; writing methods appropriate to each kind of multimedia; various forms of writing practice for multimedia; efficient communication through multimedia.

JR203 Photo of Multimedia Journalism

Principles of photo production for journalism work: newspaper, magazine, multimedia; photo for narrative concepts; the investigation of relationship in story making with photos and events for mass media; analysis and criticism on journalism photos including learning the photo shooting process, photographic equipment: positive, negative and digital. This course emphasizes on both theories and practice.

JR204 Introduction to Web Design

To study the design for communication on the Internet, hypertext and multimedia; principles of virtual communication design and technically basic skills necessary for Web site creation both theoretically and practically.

JR205 Ethics and Law in Mass Communication

The right and freedom of the press, law and regulations for printing, the responsibility for news reporting and opinion expressing; the regulations and ethics of journalists as specified in the constitution of the National Press Council; case study and ethical decision; practice considering and deciding on news reporting and the operation in journalism profession.

JR301 Computer-Assisted Reporting

To study computer and other accessories to search information, to store and retrieve news information using IT; to create personal news files; to use equipment for new reporting and news presentation; to practice news reporting.

JR302 Digital Imaging for Journalism

To study the principles and digital imaging process and photo production for journalism and contemporary software relating to digital imaging and production - photograph in Retouching and Illustration (draw & paint) Creative.

JR303 Layout and Illustration

To study the concepts of design and layout for communication in newspaper, printing media and multimedia; the factors of designing and layout, psychological effects, coloring, fonts and space; comparing the traditional and contemporary layout and designs, and using technology as a tool including skill practicing.

JR304 Printing Design Technology

To study the technology of software supporting printing media for mass communication, especially digital imaging software; layout design and retouching including skill practicing.

JR401 Multimedia Technology for Journalism

To study the technology of software supporting media on the Internet for mass communication, especially digital imaging software for still and moving pictures; retouching including skill practicing.

JR402 Desktop Publishing

To study the operation and instruction system of printing, both in the office and through LAN and WAN, focusing on software.

JR404 Research for Multimedia Journalism

To study concepts and social science research methods; to create concepts and research methods for multimedia journalism in order to use in journalism work.

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