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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program (English Program):

Bachelor of Business Administration (English Program) B.B.A.

Major International Business: Course Descriptions of Major Requirements Courses

AC101 Principles of Accounting I

A study of the accounting development; basic accounting assumption; the analysis and recording of accounting entries according to the accounting principles for merchandising and servicing firms; purposes and uses of journal entries; ledgers, adjusting entries; closing entries, and the preparation of financial statements.

AC102 Principles of Accounting II

An intensive study of principles and procedures for cash, voucher system, notes receivable, manufacturing and accounting non-profit organizations single entry systems.

BA303 Business Information and Communication Systems I

A study of various forms of business information and communication; the uses of technical terms to enable the students to understand business idioms used in each business division and to be an effective communicator of English both in domestic and international firms.

BA304 Business Information and Communication Systems II

A detailed study and analysis of business idioms, knowledge from textbooks, articles, newspapers, periodicals and other types of English business documents in order for students to know the direction and change in various aspects of business such as accounting, marketing, management, finance, domestic and international finance.

EC 112 Macroeconomics

A study of personal and national income, consumption, saving investment, economic development, international trade, money and banking system, credit, inflation, deflation,public finance, monetary and fiscal policies, public debts,business cycle, and employment conditions.

GM203 Business Organization and Management

A study of the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling in business enterprises; an analysis of the on-going process vital to achieving co-ordination among personnel in the attainment of company objectives.

GM303 Production and Operations Management

A study of the principles of decision analysis related to effective utilization of factors of production in manufacturing; related activities for both intermittent and continuous systems; the study of production organizations, analytical models and methods; facilities design; the design of control systems for production operations.

GM306 Taxation

A study of tax factors relevant to various policies and operating decisions in business; Thailand's taxation of income; the taxing of corporations; the revenue code; export and import duties; excise tax.

MB203 Business Finance

A study of the objective and functions of the financial manager; the principles of acquiring funds and the use of financial instruments; the allocation funds for operations in order to achieve the financial objectives and making financial decisions.

MK203 Principles of Marketing

A study of the meaning, importance, roles and finances of marketing to economies and social; marketing institutions; marketing environments; marketing systems consumer behavior; market segmentation; marketing mix strategy and specific marketing topics.

AC234 Managerial Accounting

A study of the use of accounting information for management decision making; financial statement analyses; the report to management for decision-making in the area of production, investment, pricing, profit planning and control; cost-volume-profit analysis; the use of standard cost as a tool for performance appraisal.

IB203 Introduction to International Business

A study of the importance and history of international business, including various factors and components of international business such as finance, trade and others, which affect operation and decision-making processes of international business. It also considers types of international business, laws, bureaucracy, politics, economic and social structures, possibility seeking and trends of international business.

IB313 Business Language for International Business

A study of the practical uses of foreign language in business communication and transactions. It also covers business vocabulary, idioms, techniques for writing business letters and reports, trade contracts, and writing and changing contract or conditions of international business.

IB314 Principles and Procedures of Export and Import

A study of the principles, rules, regulations and procedures of export and import for international trade. it also covers conditions, international commercial agreements (INCO terms), documents and buying-selling contracts, delivery process and custom procedures.

IB 413 International Business Research

A study of the principles, methods and procedures of international business research. It also covers roles, importance and uses of research that affects international business.

IB415 International Business Management

A study of the various systems of international business management and environment problems that affect international business management, in each geographical area such as economic and social environment, customs, culture, politics, and bureaucracy. It also covers forms of business communication that are suitable to the environment in each country or trade zone and comparisons of overviews of business management systems of various countries.

IB416 International Business and Economic Change

A study of the roles of international business and effects on the economic changes to Thailand and to the global level, with emphasis on some factors such as population, labor, capital, technology and international trade.

IB417 International Business and Trade documents

A study of the trading customs, contractual documents, agreements, treaties and international business laws as an overview of Thailand and other countries multilateral and bilateral agreements. It also covers legal problems in international business operation and problem solving procedures using international implementation concepts and arbitration proceeding.

IB423 Trade Fair Exhibition and Participation Techniques

A study of the methods, systems, and procedures of trade fair exhibitions in various sizes and forms. It covers opportunities and benefits of trade fair exhibitions in each area on sales promotion by considering rules, regulations, and procedures. It also considers the possibilities of comparable elements of benefits from participating in trade fairs in various areas and times.

MB441 International Financial Management

A study of international financial theories with emphasis on the practices of financial management, analysis of investment criteria, capital allocation for international business, current capital management planning and control, capital market, international money market, and risk management on exchange rate.

MK404 International Marketing

An examination of the legal, economic and cultural factors influencing marketing abroad; commercial policies, practices, and techniques needed to locate and evaluate foreign markets, as well as the problems of pricing, promoting and distributing produces in international markets.

SI412 MIS for Service Industry

A study of the management information systems in service industries; the analysis of the information to aid the decision-making process in service industries.

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