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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS)
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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program (English Program): 

International Program LL.D. Doctor of Laws Program
(English Program)

(Research program, revised 2006)

This international program is offered in Bangkok.

This program is offered with in the Doctorate of Laws Program and started in November 2006 with the second semester of the academic year 2006.

This program is offered with either on-campus or off-campus option (online LL.D.). For the off-campus option (offered from academic year 2009)

Purpose and Objectives

The Doctorate of Laws program has been developed in response to the high demand of graduates in law in the present, rapidly changing environment of the transition economies. The vision for the economic and social development of the nation must have the appropriate human resource development policy, especially in regard to doctoral programs. This research program will have the candidates to acquire new ways of thinking and attain competence in conducting research. They will be allowed to study and experiment freely in order to discover the new issue and to enable them to create real academic progress.

IIS-RU's goal is to provide a qualitative doctorate program to meet the demand for higher graduate education and contribute to academic development.

Application Requirements

Applicants must hold a Master degree or Bachelor degree from an educational institute or university recognized by the Ministry of Education. The applicant must hold Bachelor of Law and Master of Law.

Applicants who hold Bachelor degree must be graduated with first class honors, or the highest honor awarded from a university recognized ny the Ministry of Education.

Selection Procedures (Eligibility Criteria)

Applicants must pass the interviewing panel before being admitted to the LL.D. program. This selection will be in accordance with the rules of graduate studies (2004); Ramkhamhaeng University.

Time Limits

Applicants who earned a Bachelor degree (with Honors) must complete the Doctorate of Laws program in 6 years.

Applicants who earned a Master degree must complete the Doctorate of Laws program in 6 years.


The candidates may register for maximum of 15 credits in each semester.

Support Activities

The Institute of International Studies provides the support activities shown below.

Candidates can take some special law non-credit courses such as:

  • Contract and Tort Law
  • Advance Commercial Law
  • Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure
  • Administrative Law
  • International Trade Law
  • Law on Intellectual Property, etc.

In colloquium courses, experts and others involved in interesting topics will be invited to lecture and exchange ideas as special guests. Candidates will have the opportunity to present interesting topics or special topics in the related fields.

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