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Course Descriptions

RAM 6000 Knowledge and Morality
       A study of theories, principles, learning processes, and approaches in creating knowledge and competency in thinking; including belief in good values. Morals, ethics, and values are examined as guides for appropriate behavior and professionalism; human dignity and pride in Thai identity; including sound  awareness of society and the nation’s responsibility; conserving Thai wisdom, natural resources and environment.  Practice in self-appraisal, emotion quotient, working with others, setting life and work planning program, vision creation, analytical thinking, synthesis, creative thinking, method and approach in administrating life, family and society with an emphasis on self-study, self-reliance, optimism, continually, seeking knowledge, and the application of knowledge and skills to their lives and work.

RAM 6003 Graduate Study
        A study of the philosophy, objectives and procedure governing study; ways in which to conduct research using a variety of sources, including analysis and synthesis of data and information so obtained; style and techniques for writing reports, articles, thematic paper, theses, and dissertation; model for referencing ideas and constructing reference lists; guidance on writing abstracts, scholarly presentations and submitting articles for publication. 

CEN 6000 English Research through Information Technology
       A study of English data base searching techniques for precise and  quick searching for information needed by searching from various information sources, including books, newspapers, reference books, journals, clipping and journal indexes.

CEN 6101 English for Academic Communication
       An advanced study and review of English dealing with reading, summarizing, paraphrasing, sentence styling, and writing for academic communication, including the use of quotations and reference.

CEN 6102 Terminology in Linguistics and Literature for Communication
       A study of concepts, principles, and terminologies in linguistics and English literature that can be applied to communication.

CEN 6201 Sociolinguistics
       A study of language as an intercultural tool for human activities, with an emphasis on the analysis of social factors that affect language usage and other forms of communication.

CEN 6202 Language and Communication
       A pragmatic approach to the study of the nature of language use, its form and meaning, particularly the relationship of utterances and the contexts and situations.  Attention is given to the analysis of language functions, speech acts and verbal exchanges, to the use, interpretation, and understanding of speech acts in different situations.

CEN 6203 Stylistics
       An examination of the distinctive choices made by individuals and groups in their use of language and of such different forms of rhetoric as humor, irony, analysis, reasoning, and persuasion.

CEN 6204 Effective Communication
       A study of principles and techniques of effective oral and written communications including presentation of papers, reports, sales, and proposals which are reinforced by the use of nonverbal and social skills. Practice speaking on various occasions for natural and effective communication.

CEN 6401 Research Methods in Language and Communication
       A study of various types of qualitative and quantitative research in language and communication. In addition, research designs, instrument development, and data collecting procedures are included. Basic statistics necessary for data analysis are also discussed.

CEN 7201 Topical Seminar in Language and Communication
       In-depth individual or group studies of selected topics on language and communication: oral and written reports are required.

CEN 7401 Seminar in Research Design
       A study of different research methods and problem solving in communicative English to suit the need of each student including the practice of writing research proposal, developing research instruments, analyzing the quantitative research data with computers as well as the qualitative analysis and interpretation of data.

CEN 6301 Advanced Critical Reading
       Advanced study of reading, with an emphasis on the evaluation and interpretation of the arguments, ideas, special meanings given to many common figures of speech, and other forms of rhetoric.

CEN 6302 Professional English
       A study and practice of the oral and written English used in professional contexts including interviews, meetings, and discussion. Emphasis is on the appropriate use of language in the particular situation.

CEN 6303 Advanced Creative Writing
       A study of theories and practice of writing in prosaic, poetic and script forms. Emphasis is on developing ideas, as well as descriptive and persuasive abilities. 

CEN 7301 Persuasion and Negotiation
         A study of communication theories, concepts, and strategies which aim at changing a person’s attitudes and behaviors to employ with the intention of senders or negotiators. Emphasis is on the influence of senders or negotiators, types of message, language used, strategies and attributes of senders or negotiators on the effectiveness of persuasion and negotiation.

CEN 7501 Second Language Acquisition

       A study of theories and concepts in language applied to the learning of English as a second language. Analyses of psychological, sociological, and cultural factors related to the developmental process of learning English leading to the acquisition of competence and skills in using English as a second language are also discussed.

CEN 7097 Comprehensive Examination
       Students taking Plan B are required to take comprehensive examination (not exceeding two times) after completing all the requirements of the university’s curriculum.

CEN 7098 Thematic Paper
       An in-depth study of fieldwork of selected topics in the area of communicative English. A written report showing the application of theories is required. Topics are to be approved by the graduate advisor

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