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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS)

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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program (English Program):

International Program Master of Arts in Communicative English
M.A. (Communicative English)

Course Descriptions

EN610 English for Academic Communication
An advanced study and review of English dealing with reading, summarizing, paraphrasing, sentence styling, and writing for academic communication, including the use of quotations and reference.

EN611 Terminology in Linguistics and Literature for Communication
A study of concepts, principles, and terminologies in linguistics and literature that can be applied to communication.

EN630 Sociolinguistics
A study of language as an intercultural tool for human activities, with an emphasis on the analysis of social factors that affect language usage and other forms of communication.

EN631 Language in Communication
A pragmatic approach to the study of the nature of language use, its form and meaning, particularly the relationships of utterances and the contexts and situations in which they are used. Attention is given to the analysis of language functions, speech acts and verbal exchanges, to the use, interpretation, and understanding of speech acts in different situations.

EN634 Stylistics
An examination of the distinctive choices made by individuals and groups in their use of language and of such different forms of rhetoric as humor, irony, analysis, reasoning, and persuasion.

EN636 Effective Communication
A study of the principles and techniques of effective oral and written communication, which are reinforced by the use of non-verbal and social skills. Practice speaking on various occasions for natural, effective communication is emphasized.

EN640 Advanced Critical Reading
Advanced study of reading, with an emphasis on the evaluation and interpretation of the arguments, ideas, special meanings given to many common figures of speech, and other forms of rhetoric.

EN644 Research Methods in Language and Communication
A study of various types of qualitative and quantitative research in language and communication. In addition, research designs, instrument development, and data collecting procedures are included. Basic statistics necessary for data analysis are also discussed.

EN740 Topical Seminar in Language and Communication
In-depth individual or group studies of selected topics on language and communication: oral and written report required.

  • Topic 1 Intercultural Communication
    A study and analysis of the elements of intercultural communication using English as a medium to comprehend society, system, and environment. Emphasis is on the analysis of language characteristics that may cause misunderstandings due to cultural differences and the varieties of English used around the world.
  • Topic 2 Nonverbal Communication
    A study of the way people use and manipulate gestures, time, space, silence, and non-verbal sounds to transmit and emphasize meaning with and without the accompaniment of verbal communication.
  • Topic 3 Small Group Interaction
    A study of small group communication models and group interaction with the emphasis on the analysis of group communication behavior and the development of discussion and problem-solving skills.
  • Topic 4 Register Studies
    Synchronic studies of selected professional registers in English including the language of the media, advertising, business, communication technology, and the classroom register. Attention is given to the analysis of their distinctive voice quality, lexical and grammatical features.

EN746 Supervised Individual Study I
A conference course on individually designed basis to supervised studies on selected topics on language and communication.

EN747 Supervised Individual Study II
An advanced conference course on individually designed basis to supervised studies on selected topics on language and communication.

EN780 Comprehensive Examination
Students are required to take comprehensive examination after completing all the requirements of the university's curriculum.

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