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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program (English Program):

International Program Master of Arts in Mass Communication
M.A. (Mass Communication)

Course Descriptions

RU600 Knowledge and Morality (non-credit)
A study of theories, principles, learning processes and approaches in creating knowledge and competency in thinking and inculcating belief in good values. Morality and ethical values, morals, ethics act as guides for appropriate behavior and professionalism; human dignity and pride in Thai identity; inculcating sound awareness of social responsibility; conserving Thai wisdom, natural resources and environment. Practice in self appraisal, emotion quotient, working with others, setting life and work planning program, vision creation, analysis thinking, synthesis, creative thinking, method and approach in administrating life, family, society with an emphasis on self-study, self-reliance, optimist, continually seeking knowledge and the application of knowledge and skills to students' lives and work.

RU603 Graduate Study  (non-credit)
A study of the philosophy, objectives, and procedures governing graduate study; ways to conduct research using a variety of sources including analysis and synthesis of data so obtained; styles and techniques for writing reports, articles, thematic papers, theses, and dissertations; models for referencing ideas and constructing reference lists; guidance on writing abstracts, scholarly presentations, and submitting articles for publication.

MC510 Theories in Mass Communication (non-credit)
Principles of communication and theories of mass communication, and analysis of the frames of thought, definitions, hypotheses, perceptions, media meanings, attitude changes and receivers’ behaviors.  The main focus of the course is on the frames of thought, concepts and theories regarding the application of subjects relating to the people’s ways of life in all societies.

MC511 Languages and Communication Cultures (non-credit)
The nature of languages, the principles underlying the application of the culture of mass communication, the transition of communication meaning in the past, at present and in the future.  Focus is on both verbal communication and non-verbal communication in relation to mass communication culture, communication technologies and the application of languages within societies.

MC610 Research Design in Mass Communication
The purposes of different ways of designing a research study, research meaning, research designs, and how to get the data.  Problems of research designs, methodology, data analysis, research goals, related literature, references, reports and presentations, interpretations and inferences. The implications of research in the field of mass communication.

MC620 A Systematic Approach in Mass Communication
Overview of the mass communication process, including elements, analysis and synthesis of communication as studied through the theories, model constructions and their applications, the nature of media, innovative and mass media technologies. Emphasis throughout on management and analysis of mass media technologies with the view of effective application in organizations and societies.

MC650 Seminar in Mass Communication
An experimental seminar on mass communication within present day context. An analysis of the problems and the efficient and effective ways in which mass communication are used in the modern world.

MC652 Creativity and Mass Media Production
The meaning of design and media production, the principles and theories underlying media preparation, the various methods of collecting, planning, processing data, steps involved in media production, e.g., the production of printed media, electronic media, media design and the design of mass communication programming.

MC653 Media Presentation Techniques
The  principle and the theories underlying wording, presentation, and the preparation involved in applying them to processing, planning, and wording, as well as the meaning of media language. Focus is on the multimedia presentation of images, together with appropriate lighting and sound.  The course will include an evaluation of various media presentations to enhance the development of effective media in Thai society.

MC654 Analytical Writing for Mass Communication
The  meaning of analytical writing, method of analyzing the thought processes involved in this type of writing, the principles and processes governing it, an analysis of various types of criticism, e.g., news stories, feature stories, articles, radio and TV scripts writing, abstracts, etc.  The main focus is on the skills involved in writing an efficient and effective presentation.

MC655 Mass Communication Law
The course examines a variety of acts, announcements, regulations, copyright laws and the laws concerning mass communication.  An analysis of the role of mass media and its duties and responsibilities according to the Thai Constitution. A number of legal principles and philosophical concepts particularly as related to media will be examined. The problems involved in applying the law given the current situation with regard to the Thai economy and Thai society, as well as the political scene and the educational establishment.

MC656 Imaging Technology in Mass Communication
The principles and theories underlying exposure, as well as the principles governing photography and motion picture designs, and selection and presentation of images.  It also involves a class look at the materials, equipment and tools available in the form of mass media technologies such as cameras, and the types of equipment used in computer imaging.  Various methods of solving the problems that arise in using imaging technologies in an efficient and effective manner will also be examined.

MC657 Mass Communication in Society, Economics and Politics
Various theories and schools of thought will be considered relating to the field of mass communication, particularly in the following areas: sociology, economics, education, psychology, politics and government, cultural systems and human behavior. This will include a study of innovative approaches towards mass communication and the adoption of the latest technologies being used at the present time and how they are being assimilated into Thai culture.

MC658 Seminars on Mass Media and Mass Cultures
The seminar will explore some of the problematic issues facing mass media and mass cultures, the role and function of mass media and mass cultures, and way in which the latter can be used in a way that is beneficial to society at large. The seminar will also focus on popular culture and a cross-cultural view of Thai culture, including an analysis of ethics governing mass media and mass cultures and their impact on Thai society.

MC659 Globalization of Mass Communication
Study of mass communication in the 21st century the world of data and information technologies, the globalization of language and cultures, the collapse of certain ideologies and the freedom of the mass media, a period of cross-cultural transition,  and the increasing persuasiveness of mass communication technologies.

MC670 Communication Psychology and Public Opinion
The course examines the principles behind the use of codes, symbols and languages used in public persuasion. It includes a study of the mass communication process, mass psychology, mass campaigns, and shaping public opinion, a knowledge that should prove beneficial to the public at large. Studies will be made of mass perception, as well as the tastes and values of the masses and their social behavior in order to appeal to their imagination and the emotions of the masses by persuasive means. The focus will be on effective changes of attitude and beliefs in the mind of the receivers.

MC701 Individual Studies on Applied Mass Communication
Study of the different topics of mass communication, for example, newspapers, radio broadcasting, TV, motion pictures, computerized media, electronic media, and media necessary in preparation for writing a research paper.

MC709 Thematic Paper
Study of how to search for new knowledge and facts in the field of mass communication.  A comparative analysis in a prominent topic of mass communication or an individual study followed by a thematic paper presented to the graduate school committee.

MC752 Contemporary Mass Communication Issues
The aims are to develop students’ ability to analyze and criticize news, events, stories, case studies, and social issues including mass communication problems. Students learn to criticize and to comment on these events and apply the theories of developing mass communication in Thai and foreign societies.

MC753 Integrated Marketing Communications
Designed to train students to realize the roles and the duties of mass media and multimedia marketing systems, including business systems in public relations and advertising and market shares of mass media. The course emphasizes mass media business changes and aims to analyze mass media effects on consumer behavior and in fulfilling integrated marketing communication.

MC760 Research Methodology in Mass Communication
Advanced work to prepare students to study the meaning, points of view, and theories concerning the principles and methods of research. It includes practical training in searching for facts, in how to get true data, in theoretical rationale, in data analysis and processing, including data interpretation and findings. Students will write research papers in a professional area.  Emphasis is on both qualitative and quantitative research.

MC780 Comprehensive Examination
A comprehensive examination including written and/or oral tests must be taken after completion all requirements of the university’s curriculum with a grade point average of 3.00 or above.

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