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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS)
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Institute of International Studies
Ramkhamhaeng University

       The Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University, has offered the Master of Arts Program in Political Science since 2001. It provided individuals with advanced academic work in the functional aspects of public and private organizations. Nowadays, every sector faces the impact of globalization. To understand and adapt to the global transaction environment will be the key to executive success in educational operations. This revised program provides the individual with general competencies for overall knowledge in political science as well as an ability to function effectively in a multicultural and rapidly changing global arena. Students will develop skills in collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data, as well as conceptualizing, evaluating, and implementing solutions necessary in addressing complex problems.

Program Completion

          A minimum of 39 credits is necessary to qualify for completion of a program.

Program Structure


Number of Credits

1. Fundamental graduate course (non-credit)

2. Fundamental course (non-credit)

3. Core courses

4. Major Requirement courses

5. Independent Study

6. Comprehensive Examination *









* A comprehensive examination including written and/or oral tests must be taken after completion of the 39 credit program in compliance with the rules of the Graduate School of Ramkhamhaeng University.

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