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Course Descriptions

RAM 6000 Knowledge and Morality
             A study of theories, principles, learning processes, and approaches in creating knowledge and competency in thinking; including belief in good values. Morals, ethics, and values are examined as guides for appropriate behavior and professionalism; human dignity and pride in Thai identity; including sound  awareness of society and the nation’s responsibility; conserving Thai wisdom, natural resources and environment.  Practice in self-appraisal, emotion quotient, working with others, setting life and work planning program, vision creation, analytical thinking, synthesis, creative thinking, method and approach in administrating life, family and society with an emphasis on self-study, self-reliance, optimism, continually, seeking knowledge, and the application of knowledge and skills to their lives and work.

RAM 6003 Graduate Study
            A study of the philosophy, objectives and procedure governing study; ways in which to conduct research using a variety of sources, including analysis and synthesis of data and information so obtained; style and techniques for writing reports, articles, thematic paper, theses, and dissertation; model for referencing ideas and constructing reference lists; guidance on writing abstracts, scholarly presentations and submitting articles for publication. 

EDA 6000 English in Educational Administration
             Practice reading skill, pronunciation, listening, and comprehension skills in order to understand articles, related issues about educational administration to be utilized in studying and searching knowledge at the graduate level.

EDU 6001 Knowledge of Education, Educational Psychology and Educational Technology
             The evolution of educational management, philosophy and policy; education plans, educational systems; laws and regulations for teachers; ethics of the teaching profession; learning theories and educational psychology; application of theories, principles and research in psychology; roles and significance of educational technology, the production and selection of technology as instructional media.

EDU 6002 Knowledge in Curriculum and Evaluation
             A study of meaning, components, and types of curriculum; the relationship between the curriculum and instructional innovations; educational measurement and evaluation-instrument types, test writing, criterion-referenced and norm-referenced evaluation, the measurement of scores; and fundamental statistics for educational measurement and evaluation.

EDF 6003 Philosophy of Education
             A study of philosophical thoughts of important Thai and foreign philosophers, educators and thinkers including issuing educational objectives and policies in the past and present; a comparison of thoughts for application in accordance with Thai values, culture, economic and social conditions.

MER 6903 Educational Research Methodology
            Human inquiry, definitions and types of research, problem identification, Literature review, hypotheses and variables identification, instruments construction, research design, sampling techniques, descriptive and inferential statistics, report writing, research evaluation and ethics.

EDA 6113 Theories and Principle in Educational Administration
            Theories, pattern and educational system, change management, conflict management and risk management, leadership, administrative psychology and unionized bargaining, task of educational administration, educational institutional administration and legal studies about educational quality management and educational information system management, including with morals, ethics and professional etiquette of educational administrators and school administrators, theories and educational principles analysis.

EDA 6123 Leadership and Educational Innovation  
            Fundamental concepts about leadership and leadership theories, types, roles, duties and traits, qualifications, ethics and leadership capital, strategic leadership development, educational leadership in the globalization era, leadership of learning organization, creating and developing educational leadership for all leaders and all related personnel in order to improve, develop and enhance their energies and competencies. Seeking and utilizing developed information to be suitable utilized in any kinds of situations. Utilizing and developing administrative innovation.        

EDA 6124 Human Relation in Educational Administration
            Principles and fundamental concepts about creating educational human relations. Enhancing good relationship and interpersonal relations between related people, handling conflict management in organization and society effectively. Utilizing and applying religious Dharma into all groups of people to happily work and stay together. Social network management will be highly utilized to provide creative and professional educational services to all related people.

EDA 6134 School Administration
             Study principles, concepts about school administration, purposes, authorities, school activities administration and management, school board management, school development including with utilizing legal tasks of school to be effectively and decentralizing practiced in order to develop all students, school personnel and the communities. Motivate people in the communities to voluntarily participate in school administration with the school. Develop virtues, ethics and etiquette of teachers and educational personnel.

EDA 6135 Academic Administration and Educational Assurance
            Study curriculum administration theory and learning theory, learning organization management and environment to enhance learning atmosphere, supervision for developing curriculum and knowledge management and learning communities, innovation and information technology for administration and learning, curriculum administration for special learners, learning and instruction management and evaluation of learning, student-centered learning management, principles and processes, system in educational quality both intrinsic and extrinsic assurance, roles of educational administrators in quality assurance, systematically report outcome of education.

EDA 6145 Policy and Educational Planning
            Study about effects of economical, social, political and technological fundamental towards educational administration, system and educational planning. Analyze and issuing educational policies, planning for enhancing educational quality, educational policy development, educational policy evaluation, development of educational plan and organization structure.

EDA 6173 Seminar in Educational Administration
            Examination of problems and trends in educational change by way of survey, analysis and effects of educational administration in the school system for effective problem solving and planning based on educational theories and procedures.

EDA 6199 Professional Experience Exercising
            Practicing in academic activities related with educational professional experiences, integrating these valuable experiences to school administration and educational policy administration and educational strategies; curriculum administration and educational strategies; curriculum administration and knowledge management; educational human resources management; budgeting administration, finance and general administration; research administration and academic affairs servicing.

EDA 6116 Management and Organizational Development in Education
               A study of the history and interpretations of organizational management and its development; structural patterns; methods and procedures in organizational development; an analysis of factors affecting the organization. Basic theories of educational organization are emphasized, including application in educational institutes.

EDA 6133 Personnel Administration and Human Resources Development        
          A study of theories, methods and roles of educational administrators in personnel and human resources management for efficiency increment, including current problems and obstacles in personnel management.

EDA 6136 Budget, Finance and General Administration Management
           Budget, finance and materials management including with innovation and technology about budget, finance and materials management; morals, ethics and etiquettes in budget, finance and materials management; public relations and community relations; premises, environment and facilities management; legal aspects about budget, finance and general administration; evaluate

EDA 7096 Independent Study
              Studies about educational research methodology and conducts practicum research in educational administration.

EDA 7097 Comprehensive Examination
            An examination to assess the student’s knowledge and competence in applying what they have learned, from specific or related disciplines, to their own work or research. The examination may be written or oral or both as specified by the requirements of the individual area of specialization.

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