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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)

The Spirit at IIS-RU, or:
"What Job will I get if I study at IIS-RU?"

On behalf of my over 100 colleagues from Western universities, it is my pleasure to introduce you to the spirit that underlies our program and, so, our International Student Handbook.

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High school students often ask "What job will I get if I study at IIS-RU?" The answer is quite simple: You will, most likely, start small, as staff in an office. Freshly graduated, there is little chance to jump into top-management.

A much better question would be "Where will I be 10 years after graduating?" Some graduates make a tough career in these 10 years, while others remain staff in the office. What makes the difference?

As people say, if you study with 'top professors' you will get top jobs. All our professors are hand-picked. They are potentially top professors. The difference between a good professor and a top professor is - the students the professor works with. With challenging and active students, a good professors becomes a 'top professor'.

Be sure, your professors prefer to be top professors. Working with top students is more challenging, more interesting, more alive, and more successful, not to mention, that each professor learns a lot from his students as well.

Let's come back to the question of either career or life-long staff in the office. Who will make the career? Those students who challenge their professors, ask them, discuss with them, work with them.

Who will remain staff in an office? Those students who avoid speaking with their professors at all, who only focus on the final exam - but never get the big picture. These students do not develop the skills needed for a career in our changing societies and economies.

Certainly, all your professors love their job when they have top students. All what it needs to support you, we will do. This is the guideline of our lectures at IIS-RU, and the guideline of the International Programs of Ramkhamhaeng University.

Professor Ulrich Werner
Institute of International Studies
IIS-RU, Ramkhamhaeng University

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