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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)
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IIS-RU - the unique international program in Thailand

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This section of our Web site was the most difficult to make since IIS-RU is so different from all the other international programs at Thai universities.

In 47 courses for a B.B.A., for example, you study with only 4 Thai lecturers. All the other lecturers come from universities in U.S., Canada, and Europe. At IIS-RU, you meet Western professors in class, not only in advertising.

Next, your lecturers are university professors from well-known universities in western countries. We import them (that means, we pay their flight, hotel, and salary for teaching hours). Our professors come to IIS-RU regularly for usually one month a year  to conduct their courses. This way, you get the same courses at IIS-RU as their students back home.

Furthermore, studying an international program should give you more than only textbooks in English (and cost you a much higher tuition fee, of course). It should give you the experience of closely working with people from other cultures and nations and, as a most important outcome that is not described in any curriculum, the skills to deal with them. Western professors are the most important element in a top-quality international program, followed only thy studying with fellow students with different backgrounds.

So, at IIS-RU you study in a cosmopolitan environment with students from 50 countries on five continents. Whatever course you take, you will have at least a few foreign students around you. In some courses are even 50% foreign students from different countries..

Next, we have a modular course system. At most universities worldwide, you study a course over the full semester with only 3 hours per week, only to face a bulk of mid-term and final examinations in the middle and end of the semester - and you had plenty of time to forget everything until then. At IIS-RU, one 3-credit course is two days a week (6 hours each) for four weeks, including final examination. This way, cooperation with the professor and any course work are much more intense then in the traditional university system. IIS operate on close system basis
where 80% class attendance is required for every course.

Next, "international program" does not only mean "English program". So, we offer a Chinese program as well. In addition, we offer a teacher qualification program addressing the urgent need of Thailand for well-educated teachers (and the need of future teachers to get a teaching license to teach at Thai schools, of course).

Next, we are well aware that Thai people say at Ramkhamhaeng University you don't need to attend classes. You will get your degree anyway. Our foreign professors don't take care of this bias - they conduct the same course as they do at their home university. If you could not pass there, you will not pass at IIS-RU either. And, by the way, there is a 80% minimum attendance required in all our courses.

Next, ...there are so many things different from an old-fashioned university system that we cannot list them all. Browse our Web site (probably, start with the links on the left), send us an e-mail or call us, make an appointment, and speak with our students about their experiences. That will tell you more than a Web site ever can do.

You are welcome!

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