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[15.11.2006] IIS-RU student rocks the audience! The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), in cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UNESCAP), organized activities in celebration of the United Nations International Day of Peace under the theme “International Culture of Peace: Voice of Youth” in Bangkok at UNCC United Nations Congress Centre.

[06.11.2006] The Ph.D. candidates and graduates at IIS-RU are internationally well recognized as their publications in international refereed journals and conference proceedings impressively demonstrate. We are pleased to announce and congratulate the recent publications.

[10.10.2006] Invitation to the conference from 14 to 16 December 2006: Learning Theories vs. Technologies? Under this interesting topic, Ramkhamhaeng University will bring together a number of leading researchers, developers, and practitioners to generate new ideas and exchange theories and knowledge in the field of e-learning. Please find out more here!

[04.10.2006] The results of the Entrance Examination on 30 September 2006 are online. Congratulations to our new students! Please don't forget to check whether you need to attend the Intensive English Seminar.

[09.09.2006] Web site news: Since Google right now took our new pages into its database, the Web site search on the homepage is integrated again. The answer pages, however, still are in the look of the old Web site. For a few days now, Google Public Service Search is not available for log-in and changes, for what reason ever. We will update the search pages on the Google server as soon as possible. In the meantime, feel free to use the Web site search and enjoy the different designs.

[09.09.2006] For all IIS-RU students and graduates who remember Nasim Hosein working hard on his Ph.D. dissertation in the Ph.D. lounge: He is now working at Northern State University in Aberdeen, South Dakota, USA, as an Assistant Professor of Marketing (the link brings you to the faculty directory). Many of our students are still grateful for the support he gave them privately in their projects. The Ph.D. he received from IIS-RU, by the way, is internationally valued high enough to make our Ph.D. graduate a professor at a US State university.

[08.09.2006] Our graduates find it difficult to keep in touch after leaving IIS-RU - no surprise with students from almost 40 countries on five continents. To help our graduates keeping the network alive, independent of where their friends ever might be right now, IIS-RU installed its own section in Alumni.Net, the world's largest directory of alumni. All students, professors, and staff are cordially invited to register in the IIS-RU Classmates Registry (registration is free, of course).

[04.09.2006] Welcome to our new Web site! After using an application service provider to track each visitor of our Web site (where does he come from, what pages does he look how long and in which order, and so on) we had enough reason to re-work our Web site. Some pages nobody visits are removed, the information structure is easier now, and the appearance is more equal to our printed brochures, flyers, and posters - all that developed in our courses. Whenever you find a mistake or something does not work as it should do, please send us an e-mail. Many thanks in advance!

[04.09.2006] Student Handbook and brochures are freshly updated. We will not print the Student Handbook since content needs to be updated each semester. Therefore, new students receive the Student Handbook as an Adobe e-Book on CD, together with a short introduction how to use it. It will include as a new section all courses offered in the coming semester. To make it easier checking for a new version easier for you, the Student Handbook will be numbered on the title page with the semester it is made for. The current semester is still 1/2006 (first semester academic year 2006). The next version will be online 2/2006 (end of October). Any suggestions to make it better are always welcome (e-mail)!

[20.07.2006] The Application Schedule for the second semester 2006 is online. Apply now and begin your studies in November 2006! You can download your application form here.

[06.07.2006] The first IIS-RU Ph.D. graduate is to get a tenure-track position at a U.S. university. Dr. Nasim Hosein, who received his doctorate at IIS-RU last year, just accepted an Assistant Professorship position at Northern State University in the USA. We congratulate and wish him all the very best for his further private and professional life!

[16.06.2006] The IIS-RU Image Brochure is now online in its final version. It goes to the printing press today and will have its premiere on 8 July when handed out to the new students. You can have a look at the electronic version (PDF, 3.7 MB) already!

[12.06.2006] Like to look for a needle in a haystack? You're welcome! What you see now is a completely new Website with an information structure alongside our Student Handbook. Currently, it contains 203 pages, 587 pictures, with all pages being connected to each other with 20,655 hyperlinks. With such a complexity, there are always mistakes. Please help us to find them! When ever you find a dead link, a picture that does not appear, or even a writing mistake, please send a a short note by e-mail to our Webmaster. Many thanks for your support!

[11.06.2006] From first semester 2006, the international programs are offered in Surat Thani as well. Please get here an overview on the programs. The application period for Surat Thani is ongoing until 15 July 2006.

[07.06.2006] After many student projects in many courses, eventually the IIS-RU Image Brochure is ready. Before it will go to print early next week, we would like to ask your for your critics and suggestions by e-mail. Please download the brochure here (PDF, 4.2 MB). Many thanks in advance!

[06.06.2006] In order to give all students, professors, and staff the possibility to join the festivities for the 60th anniversary of His Majesty the King's accession to the throne, IIS-RU will be closed on 12 and 13 June 2006. Enjoy the festivities!

[31.05.2006] To offer all information an international student needs is the goal of the IIS-RU Student Handbook. It is available as an e-book already. A printed version will follow soon. IIS-RU students will receive the e-book version on CD within the next semester. Until then, you may want to download it here.

[29.05.2006] The schedules for the first semester 2006 (starting 10 June 2006) are online! Please find your course schedules and the registration schedules here!

[23.05.2006] From second semester 2006 starting in November, IIS-RU offers a further program: LL.D. Doctor of Laws (English Program). Please find more information here.

[23.05.2006] Read your grades online! By now, the access to the RU Student Information System is available over the IIS-RU Web site as well. For those who cannot read Thai, the user interface is explained with screen shots. But don't worry - your grades and your GPA are not written in Thai. A permanent link to the log-in pages is installed on the homepage of IIS-RU in the bottom line.

[16.05.2006] The application dates for the learning centre in Chiang Mai are updated. Entrance examination (respectively English test for undergraduates) is on 3 June 2006, the interview (for graduate students only) on 4 June 2006.

[30.04.2006] For all his family members, friends, and students who could not attend the cremation ceremony for Professor Dr. Moshe Levin today, we publish here some visual impressions of the most dignified ceremony at Wat Tep Leela in Huamark, Bangkok. We want to thank Dr. Jatuporn Sungkhawan and his wife for the perfect organization of the ceremonies.

[28.04.2006] Update on the funeral of Prof. Dr. Moshe Levin: According to his family and in realisation of Prof. Dr. Moshe's last wishes, the cremation will be at Wat Tep Leela in Ramkhamhaeng, Bangkok. The Buddhist funeral rites are on Saturday, 29 April 2006, 7 p.m., and the cremation ceremony is on Sunday, 30 April 2006, 6 p.m. Prof. Dr. Moshe's sisters, who took part in both ceremonies, will then convey the ashes of Prof. Dr. Moshe to Israel.

[24.04.2006] In mourning, we want to inform you that our long-term Visiting Professor Dr. Moshe Levin, Professor Emeritus at University of Illinois at Springfield (USA), passed away last night. For eight years, Prof. Dr. Moshe visited our institute to conduct highly appreciated courses on Ph.D., Master, and Bachelor level. He just finished the doctoral students' presentations of their Independent Studies and attended a party his seminar participants gave for him in order to thank him for his extraordinary personal effort. When he began to feel uncomfortable, his Ph.D. students brought him to the next hospital,  where he passed away. Faculty, students, and staff at IIS-RU are mourning. We miss him already.

[02.04.06] From 2006, at IIS-RU high-performers make their Bachelor degree in only 3 years! During the Summer term (April and May), when most students relax at the beach, a variety of courses is offered. A student can take up to 4 additional courses per year in this Summer term. Together with applying early after leaving school (before April), a student can cut a whole year of study time that way ... more.

[28.02.06] Still uncertain, which Master program you should study? Have a look in our course descriptions that are now available for all International Master Degree Programs. If you prefer to read them off-line, you can download them as PDF files as well!

[01.02.06] On 3 - 5 February 2006, in Queen Sirikit National Convention Center in Bangkok is the Thailand International Education Exhibition 2006. Certainly, you will find IIS-RU on this exhibition with a lot of activities and fun. Come to see us in the Plenary Hall, booth H-5!

[26.01.06] The Master of Education Program M.Ed. (Educational Administration) in the English Program is now offered, besides in Bangkok, in Chiangmai, Hat Yai, and Nakhon Ratchasima as well!

[26.01.06] New in the English Program is the Doctor of Philosophy Program Ph.D. (Educational Administration). You can study it in Bangkok, Chiangmai, Nakhon Ratchasima, and Hat Yai!

[25.01.06] In March 2006, IIS-RU will offer a summer university for Matthayom 4, 5, and 6 students on English for University. Instead of going to a normal language school, we think it is more effective to prepare for studying in an international program or a university abroad with those who know best what it needs. The 3-credit courses EN101 and EN102 are offered from 06 to 30 March 2006.

[05.01.06] Full Internet access at IIS-RU: Our classrooms are now fully covered by wireless LAN, offering free Internet access for all!

[01.01.06] We wish all our visitors and students all the very best for a happy, healthy, and wealthy New Year 2006! Your IIS-RU Team.

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