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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program:

Non-Degree Courses in Business Administration
(3-credit courses in the English Program)

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AC101 Principles of Accounting I

A study of the accounting development; basic accounting assumption; the analysis and recording of accounting entries according to the accounting principles for merchandising and servicing firms; purposes and uses of journal entries; ledgers, adjusting entries; closing entries, and the preparation of financial statements.

AC102 Principles of Accounting II

An intensive study of principles and procedures for cash, voucher system, notes receivable, manufacturing and accounting non-profit organizations single entry systems.

AC234 Managerial Accounting

A study of the use of accounting information for management decision making; financial statement analyses; the report to management for decision-making in the area of production, investment, pricing, profit planning and control; cost-volume-profit analysis; the use of standard cost as a tool for performance appraisal.

AC233 Assets, Liabilities and Owners' Equity

A study of accounting principles and methods; account classifications; account evaluation; how to derive at the values of assets, liabilities, and owner's equity in financial statements, especially for partnerships and corporations.

BA303 Business Information and Communication Systems I

A study of various forms of business information and communication; the uses of technical terms to enable the students to understand business idioms used in each business division and to be an effective communicator of English both in domestic and international firms.

BA304 Business Information and Communication Systems II

A detailed study and analysis of business idioms, knowledge from textbooks, articles, newspapers, periodicals and other types of English business documents in order for students to know the direction and change in various aspects of business such as accounting, marketing, management, finance, domestic and international finance.

GM203 Business Organization and Management

A study of the managerial functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling in business enterprises; an analysis of the on-going process vital to achieving co-ordination among personnel in the attainment of company objectives.

GM204 Human Resource Management

A study of the principles and techniques of personnel management, including organization and responsibilities in this area; the relationship between personnel administration and other areas of administration; morale and motivation; recruitment; selection and training of personnel; performance rating; promotion; transfer of personnel and disciplinary actions.

GM303 Production and Operations Management

A study of the principles of decision analysis related to effective utilization of factors of production in manufacturing; related activities for both intermittent and continuous systems; the study of production organizations, analytical models and methods; facilities design; the design of control systems for production operations.

GM306 Taxation

A study of tax factors relevant to various policies and operating decisions in business; Thailand's taxation of income; the taxing of corporations; the revenue code; export and import duties; excise tax.

GM307 Quantitative Analysis for Decision Making

A study of the application of business mathematics for business decisions; quantitative analysis tools for management decisions, including though the maximum expected profit; some formula used in obtaining the optimum order-size; probability theories; decision trees, inventory model, linear programming; PERT; Markov analysis; games theory; queuing theory; simulation.

GM308 Labor Relations and Industry

A study of the development of labor relations; theories of labor unions; employer association; the history of labor relations in Thailand; factors influencing the relationship between employer and employees including labor unions, negotiation, labor laws, labor protection, and other organization problems affecting labor relations. Problems in labor relation affecting the management and business operations.

GM315 Office Management

A study of the functions and the importance of office management in the business organization and government agencies; office planning and operation, including office layout, filling, communication, system improvement, and the techniques to furnish the office and to handle office equipment effectively.

GM403 Small Business Management

A study of how to stimulate creative entrepreneurship in small businesses; a consideration of management problems faced by founders, owners, managers, and investors in small businesses; problems of establishment of new enterprises; acquisition, financing operation; sales management; organizing; planning and growth.

GM406 International Business

A study of theories of international business using demand and supply approaches; balance of payment and balance of trade of Thailand; foreign trade policies and the practice of import-export.

GM408 Business Planning Executive Control

A study of the principles, techniques of tools of business short-term and long-term planning and control processes; budgeting as a managerial tool for analysis, planning, organizing, coordination, motivating, and controlling; the development of business budgeting.

GM413 Wages and Compensation Administration

A study of the general nature of compensation in the industrial organization; the definition of wages and compensation in other kinds; wage structure, determination, and policy; different types of wages payments and the labor motivation objective; the impost of wage change to the nation investments, economic and social development; problems resulting from unemployment; the adaptation by the business organization as a result of change in the environment.

GM425 Human Behavior in Organizations

A socio-psychological study of the human and organization behavior in order to make an effective analysis to solve organizational problems; a close look at various organizational factors that can affect human behavior in organizations, such as learning attitude, motivation, leadership, communication, discipline, individual and group relations to avoid possible organizational conflicts.

IB203 Introduction to International Business

A study of the importance and history of international business, including various factors and components of international business such as finance, trade and others, which affect operation and decision-making processes of international business. It also considers types of international business, laws, bureaucracy, politics, economic and social structures, possibility seeking and trends of international business.

IB313 Business Language for International Business

A study of the practical uses of foreign language in business communication and transactions. It also covers business vocabulary, idioms, techniques for writing business letters and reports, trade contracts, and writing and changing contract or conditions of international business.

IB314 Principles and Procedures of Export and Import

A study of the principles, rules, regulations and procedures of export and import for international trade. it also covers conditions, international commercial agreements (INCO terms), documents and buying-selling contracts, delivery process and custom procedures.

IB413 International Business Research

A study of the principles, methods and procedures of international business research. It also covers roles, importance and uses of research that affects international business.

IB415 International Business Management

A study of the various systems of international business management and environment problems that affect international business management, in each geographical area such as economic and social environment, customs, culture, politics, and bureaucracy. It also covers forms of business communication that are suitable to the environment in each country or trade zone and comparisons of overviews of business management systems of various countries.

IB416 International Business and Economic Change

A study of the roles of international business and effects on the economic changes to Thailand and to the global level, with emphasis on some factors such as population, labor, capital, technology and international trade.

IB417 International Business and Trade documents

A study of the trading customs, contractual documents, agreements, treaties and international business laws as an overview of Thailand and other countries multilateral and bilateral agreements. It also covers legal problems in international business operation and problem solving procedures using international implementation concepts and arbitration proceeding.

IB423 Trade Fair Exhibition and Participation Techniques

A study of the methods, systems, and procedures of trade fair exhibitions in various sizes and forms. It covers opportunities and benefits of trade fair exhibitions in each area on sales promotion by considering rules, regulations, and procedures. It also considers the possibilities of comparable elements of benefits from participating in trade fairs in various areas and times.

MB203 Business Finance

A study of the objective and functions of the financial manager; the principles of acquiring funds and the use of financial instruments; the allocation funds for operations in order to achieve the financial objectives and making financial decisions.

MB301 Financial Management I

A detailed study of the management of funds; the allocation of funds for investment in current assets, fixed assets, and other assets; investment decisions in various situations; profit planning; cost of capital.

MB302 Financial Management II

A detailed study of financial forecast; short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term fund acquisition; financial structures; the use of financial leverage to estimate the cost of capital; dividend policy, business evaluation; merger; liquidation.

MB303 Money and Banking

A study of the role of money and banking in an economy; the development of a monetary system; credit system; central banks; commercial banks and bank activities; quantity of money an price levels; inflation and deflation; the principles of the international monetary system.

MB305 Principles and Policies of Investment

A study of the investment objectives and policies of individuals and the business; an overview of the securities in the Stock Exchange of Thailand; the fundamental principles of investments in securities.

MB306 Credit Management

A study of the principles of credit granting that cover the areas of functions of the credit department; policy determination and consideration in credit granting; credit follow-up and collection types of credit instruments and sources of credits; credit management evaluation.

MB308 Financial Institutions and Financial Market

A study of the fundamental roles, functions and the operations of financial institutions, which cover areas as the acquisition and the use of funds for domestic and international financial institutions; resources of funds from money markets and capital markets, the impacts of financial institution operation to the business decision regarding financial management and policies.

MB405 Commercial Bank Management

A study of the principles of banks, which includes the formation of organization, personnel administration, relationship among organization units, policy determination, the concept of commercial bank deposit and other bank services, liquidity policies, branch establishment and inspection.

MB406 Research in Business Finance

A study of the role of research in the management of financial areas starting from problem identification, establishment of hypotheses, collection of data, data analysis, report writing, the application of data from research for financial forecasts and project feasibility study, research objective development for effective management approaches as the media to attain successful researches.

MB407 International Finance and Banking

A study of the theoretical knowledge of international trade, dynamics of international payments; currencies exchange and markets; problem of currencies exchange; policies for the control and the promotion of international trade; roles, policy and the operations of the International Monetary Funds (IMF).

MB410 Quantitative Analysis in Finance

A study of the use of methods of statistics and mathematics for solving financial problems including the study of financial mathematics.

MB441 International Financial Management

A study of international financial theories with emphasis on the practices of financial management, analysis of investment criteria, capital allocation for international business, current capital management planning and control, capital market, international money market, and risk management on exchange rate.

MK203 Principles of Marketing

A study of the meaning, importance, roles and finances of marketing to economies and social; marketing institutions; marketing environments; marketing systems consumer behavior; market segmentation; marketing mix strategy and specific marketing topics.

MK204 Product Management

A study of the roles, functions, and responsibilities of product management; product policy formulation, the importance of new products to the growth of the company; marketing opportunity assessment for new products; product line policies; brand; package; product positioning; new product development procedures; concepts an strategies concerning product life cycle; expansion and retrenchment of product lines; legal issues; organizational units involved in new product development.

MK205 Marketing Channel Management

Analysis of the various marketing institution, emphasizing their functions, interactions and interdependencies; additional emphasis is placed upon channel design and selection, and recent trends in distribution channels by using a systems approach.

MK301 Pricing Policy

A study of the objectives and limitations of price setting; factors influencing pricing; fundamental model of price decisions; relationship between product difference and price difference; price perception and consumer feeling; cost and price; pricing strategies; changes in market prices; industrial products pricing policies; agricultural products pricing policies.

MK302 Sales Management

To study sales management characteristics, its importance and frame works. Sales Force Management procedures, objectives defining, organizing, and developing. Sales assignment, performances, appraisal and control, including efficiency development in training and motivations.

MK303 Marketing Promotion

A study of the roles, functions, and importance of promotion; controllable and uncontrollable factors influencing promotion; the component of promotion, advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, publicity and public relations; planning, implementation and controlling the marketing promotion campaign.

MK304 Consumer Behavior

A study of the concept of consumer behavior; the environmental influences of social, economic, culture, social class, reference group, family, and lifestyle on consumer behavior; motives on decision buying; buying decisions processes of consumer; the implementation of consumer behavior in marketing field and consumerism.

MK305 Physical Distribution

A study of general concepts, environment in the physical distribution system; warehousing and the selection of warehouse location; inventory system, inventory control, material handling and packaging; transportation systems, transportation rates; transportation management; customer services and physical distribution control.

MK401 Marketing Research

A study of the meanings, the roles and the importance of marketing research and its contribution to economy and society as a whole. This course is including the types of marketing research, research design, steps and procedures of marketing research, the uses of marketing research, and finally how to writ a research proposal.

MK402 Quantitative Analysis in Marketing

A study of the fundamental techniques and applications of quantitative analysis in marketing; a study of decision making, break-even analysis, inventory model, linear programming, transportation model, assignment, games theory and Markov analysis, and other techniques in the solving of certain marketing problems.

MK404 International Marketing

An examination of the legal, economic and cultural factors influencing marketing abroad; commercial policies, practices, and techniques needed to locate and evaluate foreign markets, as well as the problems of pricing, promoting and distributing produces in international markets.

MK406 Marketing Management

To study marketing management frame works. Marketing analysis, planning, directing, and controlling, emphasizing on product policy, distribution channel, promotional policy and pricing policy. Competitive strategic planning for marketing dynamics to achieve the business objectives, including marketing ethics and social responsibilities.

SI412 MIS for Service Industry

A study of the management information systems in service industries; the analysis of the information to aid the decision-making process in service industries.

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