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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)
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Ramkhamhaeng University International Program:

Non-Degree Courses in English Language
(3-credit courses in the English Program)

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Please note that not all courses below are offered every year. For an overview of the current course schedule, please have a look in our section for Semester Abroad students!

EN203 English Pronunciation

A linguistic approach to the study and practice of English vowel and consonant pronunciation, as well as English stress and intonation, with reference to phonetic transcriptions for the benefit of dictionary consultation.

EN204 Controlled Conversation

A study and practice of the aim, meaning and process of common conversations, with the emphasis on the aspects of culture, traditions, and involved gestures.

EN205 Sentences and Short Paragraphs

A study and practice of simple, compound, and complex sentences, with the emphasis on short paragraph writing.

EN206 Paragraph Writing of Different Forms

A study of the characteristics of paragraphs, with practice writing short paragraphs and emphasis on the descriptive and narrative styles of writing to give information, instruction, and illustration.

EN230 Introduction to English and American Literature

A study of the nature, value, methodology, and historical development of English and American illustration, with emphasis on terms, conventions and illustrations of certain works and excerpts.

EN305 Argumentative Writing

A study and practice of writing methods needed for argumentative paragraphs and essays as expressed through cause & effect, comparison & contrast and analysis, with emphasis on unity, balance, and coherence.

EN306 Critical Reading

A study of techniques for reading, with the emphasis on the analysis of validity, context, word formation, and idiom usage.

EN405 Precise, Features, and Letter Writing

A study and practice of writing precise, features, and letters.

LI200 Introduction to Language

A study of the questions "What is language?"; animal languages, language and the brain, language variations; phonological, morphological, and grammatical systems; transformational grammar, and government and binding syntax; language acquisition, pragmatics, semantics; language, thought, culture and writing.

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