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Cost of Living for International Students

roomCost of living varies widely, according to your life style. In a metropolis like Bangkok, you can perform a luxurious life style as you may have it in central Manhattan, Zurich, London, or Tokyo (then, you will need the same budget as at one of these location).

Alternatively, you can live as our Thai students do. We recommend this way for two reasons. Firstly, you will safe a lot of money. Secondly, and since culture may be defined as the end product of a society, you will understand Thai culture much better when you understand every day life. Our students are more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge with you to find the appropriate accommodation, food, and so on.

For international students, the following additional budget is suggested for studying in Bangkok:


150,000  THB

≈ 3,420 €

≈ 4,600 $

180,000  THB

≈ 4,070 €

≈ 5,500 $

18,000  THB

≈ 410 €

≈ 550 $

15,000  THB

≈ 350 €

≈ 460 $

Our experience is that with this budget you will have a comfortable life and will travel quite a lot when your fellow students show your around.

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