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Housing and Rental Contracts: Student Accommodation

If you want to live around the campus, your only option is an off-campus apartment. There are numerous apartments available around the campus starting at 2,500 to 6,000 THB/month, each one surrounded by the typical microcosms of a rural community, which includes pharmacies, laundries, hairdressers, convenience shops, Internet cafe, various food stalls and street restaurants, and at least fifty hawkers - all that within a hundred metres distance.

Our experience shows that you don't need to settle the rental arrangements before you arrive in Bangkok. The much easier way (and much cheaper on the long run) is to take a hotel near the campus for the first few day, for about 590 THB/night including breakfast.

Once arrived at IIS-RU, your fellow students will show you the best accommodation for the lowest cost available since it is not easy for a first-time visitor to judge quality and cost relations between the numerous apartment buildings around the university.

In any case, you will be lucky when your room is close to the campus. Public transport in Bangkok is very well developed, but a metropolis of this size always comes along with enormous traffic, particularly in the morning and in the afternoon - exactly the time when you go to the university or back home. Due to heavy traffic jams, even a distance of three kilometres can cost you up to two hours that way.

Off-campus apartments are available for rental on a monthly basis, but utilities such as telephone services, electricity, and water are usually not included in the rent. An apartment complex is made up of several units (up to hundreds) and each unit comprised a furnished studio bedroom, balcony, and bathroom.

More facilities are available at a higher monthly charge. These may include more bedrooms, more bathrooms, a larger living space, and amenities such as air conditioning, shared laundry facilities, a fitness centre, a pool, a patio or balcony, and/or a refrigerator.

In order to rent an off-campus apartment, you must agree to a housing contract, which is provided by the property manager. Usually, you must give one month's notice to the manager prior to moving in or out of the apartment.

The housing contract usually requires a security deposit, which may cost as much as one or three months' rent. This security deposit is fully refundable after you have moved out of the place as long as you have complied with the terms of your rental contract, which entails keeping the facilities in the same clean and undamaged shape that you have found them.

You will have to pay your rent, in full, on time, although sometimes there is a 3-5 days grace period to pay your rent. Otherwise, you could incur further late charges. Usually, you will have to pay your rent in cash.

Depending on your situation, you may have to obey certain group regulations, such as keeping quiet during certain late night/early morning hours, not having large parties or drugs on the premises, not having pets, and only parking in certain areas. Failure to obey these regulations could result in eviction.

Each normal apartment around the campus offers you a telephone. Be aware, however, that this phone line is not well suited for dialling up to an Internet provider. For example, two hundred apartments will share twenty phone lines. In order to give anybody a chance to call, each call is cut after a certain time by the central computer of the apartment building, usually after five to twelve minutes. When doing research on the Internet, this becomes annoying, and it becomes costly. Better, you look for an apartment building (condominium) that offers ASDL for a fixed rate per month (usually 650 to 700 Baht). Offering ADSL is quite common nowadays, you will not have a difficult time in finding one.

Minimum duration of rent is for cheaper apartments usually 3 months, for higher-quality apartments 6 months. In any case, however, expect to find a mattress as hard as stone. That's usually the first thing to buy.

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The photos below show an example of a middle-class one-room apartment. Small apartments (ca. 30 m2) cost about 4,000 Baht/month, large apartments (ca. 40 m2)
4,500-5,000 Baht. Deposit is three monthly rates. For one person, water is about 60 Baht, electricity about 500 (without using air-condition), laundry about 1,000 Baht, ADSL 700 Baht. Certainly, prices are not the same in each condominium, but it should be around that.



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