Page last updated: 17 April, 2012
Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)
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Student Life at IIS-RU

In this section, we provide you a variety of useful information for those who come from a foreign country to study with us. Life is not really different from life in any other country, but it goes well when you know some things in advance.

For all questions, uncertainties, and problems we strongly recommend that you discuss them with your Thai fellow students. You will be overwhelmed by their willingness to help and to support you. Some things will appear surprising to you, especially when these are things in every day life in Thailand and you are a student from a non-tropical country. The climate has great influence on how routine life goes, and it is always to watch out what your Thai neighbours do before you spend your money on something that turns out useless.

We have up to the current day 9 year of experience in integrating foreign students. To be honest, we as an academic institute did not really integrate them - our Thai students do. Until now, nobody could resist this friendly, patient, and helpful way on which your fellow students will integrate you.

If you want to visit IIS-RU before you make a decision, you are always welcome! You may join the classes in the program of your interest and speak with our students. But be aware that such a visit carries a risk: Until now, each visitor became a student of our institute after his or her initial visit!

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