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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)

The Institute of International Studies gives
High-Performing Students its full support!

Some students enjoy their student life, while other students target professional goals.

At IIS-RU, learning hard pays off with some clear advantages. You may graduate in up to 25% less time then your fellow students who study a more relaxed way.

For those high-performers who target a best possible Grade-Point Average (GPA), IIS-RU offers not only a prize in form of scholarship and award but also a faster way into your professional future.

For each year where you reach a GPA of 3.8 or better, you will receive a scholarship and, for your CV most important, the Award of Academic Excellence.

Students who graduate with a GPA of 3.8 or better show their dedication to reach a goal. The capabilities to do so open the door into a Doctor program at IIS-RU. Such graduates will instantly be accepted for the Ph.D. program at IIS-RU.

Together with the high amount of individual attention, IIS-RU supports this way high-calibre graduates from any program who belong to the top 5 percent of all graduates.

While learning hardly might look easy, learning hard pays off for your future!

Each summer session, IIS-RU offers various courses as a voluntary third semester a year. By taking additional courses, you can graduate, for example, from a Bachelor program after as little as 3 years.

Applicants for an LL.D. or Ph.D. program can study with a Bachelor of Honours (i.e., GPA of 3.8 or better) instead of a Master degree. This is certainly valid for everybody, not only for IIS-RU graduates.

The Institute of International Studies supports high-performing students. Each student who received a GPA of 3.8 or higher at the end of a year of studies (end of second or fourth semester), receives a scholarship of 10,000 THB (for undergraduate students) or 15,000 THB (for graduate students). Precondition is that the full number of courses was taken and none of them was graded with Grade F. The scholarship is deducted from the tuition fee.

For many students, the scholarship received for their high performance is of temporary benefit. When the money is spent, the scholarship is gone. To certify the high performance level that an individual students maintained over a full year everlasting, besides the scholarship each student receives an Award of Academic Excellence, which is considered very important in job applications. This award shows that this student is a top 5 percent student. The award is granted in a public ceremony at IIS-RU. Have a look at our prizewinners!

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