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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)
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Ramkhamhaeng University Regulations
Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University Partial Scholarship
For Academic Excellence 2006


         By the rule under clause 18 (2) and (12) of Ramkhamhaeng University Council 1998, Ramkhamhaeng University Council has regulations as follow:

      1. This regulations is called ‘Ramkhamhaeng University regulations on Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University concerning scholarship for student with GPA 3.80 or above 3.80’
     2. This regulation is effective from academic year 2006.
     3. In this regulations:
         ‘University’    means Ramkhamhaeng University
         ‘President’      means President of Ramkhamhaeng University
         ‘committee’    means committee that consider qualification of student who would like to receive the scholarship of Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University.
         ‘scholarship’   means The given money
         ‘applicant’ means student who is qualified to receive the scholarship
         ‘scholar’         means student who receive the scholarship
      4. Scholarship objective is to provide educational fund for student of the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University. Scholarship is divided into 2 categories:  Bachelor Degree 10,000 Baht (Ten thousand Baht only) for each scholar and Master Degree 15,000 Baht (Fifteen thousand Baht only) for each scholar.
     5. Applicant must qualify these qualifications:
         5.1 General qualification
                 5.1.1 Applicant must be student of the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University from second year.
                 5.1.2 Applicant must have good behavior and never had been punished by university.
                 5.1.3 Applicant must not apply two scholarships at the same time.
         5.2 Specific qualification
                5.2.1 Applicant must have studied for more than 2 regular semesters from the freshman.
                5.2.2 Applicant must have GPA 3.80 or above 3.80, has not repeat any courses and never get F or I growth.
                5.2.3 Applicant must take all the courses that the institute has offered.
                5.2.4 Master student can apply for the scholarship not more than 1 time and for bachelor student not more than 3 times for the whole program.
                5.2.5 Applicant must not have late registration record.
                5.2.6 Applicant must have good behavior.
     6. Applicant must show the documents as follow:
         6.1 Application form of IIS scholarship
         6.2 Recommendation letter from the director and program coordinator.
         6.3 Transcript from the freshman year
                6.4 1 of 1 inch photo
         6.5 copy of student ID card and the enrollment receipt
     7. Committee included 1 Chairperson, 1 Vice-Chairman, 1 secretary and regular committee not over 5 persons.
     8. Committee have authority and responsibility in considering the scholarship according to clause 5. and clause 6.
     9. Ramkhamhaeng University President is the one who rules these regulations. In case of any problems in proceeding these regulations, Ramkhamhaeng University President will consider as he sees it appropriate.


                                                26th of December B.E. 2549


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