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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)

The most important people in our institute are the students.
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Students talk about IIS-RU

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Sonam Phuntsho
To say it short: Life as an international student in IIS-RU ...
  • is meeting people from all over the world
  • is wondering how these Thais manage to be slim considering the amount of Oishi, a Japanese green tea drink that they drink, and the amount of snacks that they eat
  • is getting used to fashion since you never see so many well dressed people in one city
  • is trying hard to learn Thai language knowing that, besides my fellow students, not everybody speaks English that well
  • is choosing varieties of Thai food, which you may like (or may not)
  • is ... WONDERFUL!

The courses - now, this is a rather serious point. But to be honest, university is much more fun when you are abroad and sit in classes with so many different nationalities, whether it is discussing the future of the European Union or American Foreign Politics or the Constitution of Thailand. Listening to all the different views and ideas of people from different countries makes the subjects very interesting! And the university offers a wide range of subjects taught in English.

Most of the classes are between 10 to 30 students (mix of Thais and International) and you will get time to actually discuss topics and issues rather than just sitting there listening to the professor talking.

It is a very independent system and it takes time to get used to, especially to oral exams. But here again the seniors and the professors help you. This is the remarkable thing about the University; the professors are very helpful and open for your ideas and questions. This is definitely worth an experience!
I hope YOU will have a great time as I'm having!

Adam Husain
I am Thai-American student. When I graduated from my high school in Maryland, USA, a friend told me about IIS-RU and I decided to do my further studies here. Currently, I study Radio and Television Broadcasting in the Mass Communication Technology program for the Bachelor of Arts degree. I love to deal with movie making and the television broadcasting station.

Studying here is quiet different from studying in the United States. The most different thing, however, is not the education or the university, it is the friends and the class environment here. Thai people are very kind and generous, they all are very friendly. Sometimes, I have got the feeling that we all are more a family than a university course.

If you want to study here you will concentrate on attendance and assignment. We study two subjects for one month, and when finished it's final exam right away. So, class attendance is very important. I think this is good for the student, because there will be no unnecessary pressure for the student to do too many exams in parallel. Instead, we can concentrate on a few subjects at a time.

For our studies, we need a lot of hands-on experience. Not all of the technical equipment available is state of the art. Over time, however, we are seeing the situation improve and are confident these problems will soon be solved.

Lucy Tan-Atichat
At the IIS-RU, the faculty members are high class coming from various countries and different backgrounds. They provide both academic knowledge and practical experiences from which both undergraduates and graduates benefit a lot.

After studying here for three years now, I really can say that I am glad to have chosen IIS-RU to pursue my tertiary education.

Kummi Lee
I'm Korean and study within the B.B.A. program. Predominantly, I came to Thailand to study and practise Thai language. I can speak Thai, but I cannot read or write yet.

Sometimes, I compare IIS-RU with other universities where friends of mine study. For me, IIS-RU at Ramkhamhaeng University is better. It is quite easy to commute to the university, and I really love the surroundings around here. In terms of commuting effort, however, you are obviously in a better position when you choose a room nearby.

Juyan Hu (Julie)
I chose to study in Ramkhamhaeng University because IIS-RU has the best professors coming from all over the World. Even if I studied in another country, I would most likely have only lecturers from that single country. Bringing all these international specialists into our classes is for me clearly the better option.

Also, the program schedule is very interesting for me as there are only two subject courses studied (and finished) in a month's period. It's much more relaxed and focused than combining eight courses to be finished at the end of a semester.

So far, I have learned a lot more than in any other college I attended before. The learning method at IIS-RU  led me to an international way of thinking, and I feel more relaxed while studying both in university and at home.

Li Bing
I study now in my last year for a B.B.A. degree. The advantages of Thai education mean that tuition fee is cheap compared with developed countries, and you get an international education with internationally accepted degrees. Formalities are convenient and well prepared.

Thailand is a polite and smiling country, people are all kind, they respect you, nobody will discriminate against you. Thai language is an interesting one. Thailand is an international and business country, easy to visit and to work there after you graduated. Cheap tickets on Air Asia and other low-cost carriers allow you to go abroad as easy as taking a walk!

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