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Courtesy and Friendship Oversea Visit of Partner Institution 2014,HSRM at Wiesbaden, GERMANY


One of the most distinctive aspects of studying at the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU) is the active participation by its overseas partner university. Hochschule RheinMain, University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden Rüsselsheim (HSRM), Germany is one of the partner institution of IIS-RU. HSRM and IIS-RU have had very friendly ties for number of years, and our former and current students both Thai and German nationals have the opportunity to join the international education academically together in both sides.   

In this active collaboration between IIS-RU and HSRM, we have launched semester aboard program specifically designed for the exchange students. This allows the exchange students to earn college credits from a regular course of study at a well-known international corporation or an independent study in all subject areas. Also, we offer the double degree program for a long journey both MBA at IIS-RU and Master of Media & Design Management at HSRM. We continuously provide more opportunities for both non-degree and double degree students to come and experience the flexibility, professionalization, and uniqueness of both IIS-RU and HSRM.

Thus, it was both pleasant and logical to continue the tradition: On February 10th, 2014 the Director of IIS-RU, Mr. Satin Soonthornpan, Dr. Michela De Gennaro and Mr. Chatchawan Chaiyasat, official representatives from the Division of International Affairs of IIS-RU, paid a courtesy visit to the Hochschule RheinMain, University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden Rüsselsheim (HSRM) to discuss the further collaboration between IIS-RU and HSRM.

On this occasion, the President of HSRM, Prof. Dr. Detlev Reymann, the faculties, Prof. Claudia Maria Aymar and Prof. Stephan Böhm, and the official representatives from the international office together with the former and current exchange and double degree students both Thai and German nationals gave a warm welcome and exchanged the tokens of friendship to each other.

To mark the occasion, the Director of IIS-RU, the President of HSRM, and together with all representatives of faculties, officials, and students from both sides had the oppotunity to discuss and exchange information and all issues took place during studying in both IIS-RU and HSRM.

This active participation and collaboration from both sides between IIS-RU and HSRM will strengthen the existing ties academically between two institutions in terms of international programs, activities, and exchanges of both students and faculties.