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The Personal Development Project 2017

The Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU) organized the activity which was a part of the activities of post-orientation day of the academic year 2017 on “Personal Development”. This activity was held on Friday, 09 February, 2018 at 9 Floor, Printing Press Building and given by Brighton Beyond team from Singapore.


To be more specific, the Brighton Beyond currently is a non-profit Christian organization that aims to enrich and empower others through tools and courses via expertise from different fields. They have conducted various courses in South East Asia countries mainly through using MBTI Type Indicator. They have done many projects in Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and also Thailand. In Thailand they have partner with Brighton for the Community Foundation to run courses to local universities and working professionals in the area of self-development. Brighton for the Community foundation has done many MBTI courses to many universities in Thailand. For example, Thammasat University (Rangsit Campus), Assumption University (Huamark Campus), Chulalornkorn University, Ramkhamhaeng University, and recently they have just conducted MBTI for the staff at the Faculty of Education in Chiang Mai University.


The specific objectives of this project were twofold. First, students had the opportunity to prepare their readiness for personality development prior working in real setting. Second, students can be able to apply personality development experiences in real situation. Furthermore, the purpose of this project aimed to help students to understand how they approach life and work by understanding oneself; it can be useful to preliminarily find out their strengths and weaknesses. While at the same time, the results of this project appeared to be advantageous in terms of enhancement for better working relationships, teamwork, and the ability to better handle conflicts. It is expected that this personality development project will be beneficial for students’ future professional experiences.