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An examination aims to support you.

Although Ramkhamhaeng University is an open-admission university, the International Program has to maintain an entrance examination in order to ensure a competitive level of quality among its students.

For the different grade levels, there are different entrance examinations as explained below. In general, our entrance examination focuses on skills and knowledge that are absolutely necessary to join our programs with a good chance to succeed and to develop your skills to the fullest.

In case of all English programs, this means mainly a minimum entrance level in reading and writing English language. This is necessary to follow the textbooks and handouts, especially in the early semester. Listening skills you will easily and quickly develop in the classes, and communication skills, you will easily and quickly develop in working with our foreign student who all use only English as a common means of communication.

In case of all Chinese programs, attention is paid to different learning systems and structures within Chinese programs at Thai schools and in the national education systems in China and Taiwan. Applicants for the Chinese program will not need to do a written exam, an interview will ensure that a necessary language level will enable non-native speakers to communicate and cooperate with native speakers of Mandarin.

At Master and Ph.D. level, the expectations to do scientific work are higher than at undergraduate level. Here, the entrance examination covers the English Test and an interview. Please see below the description of the entrance examination for the particular levels, followed by the exemption rules according to your individual situation.

Bachelor Degree (English Program)

The entrance examination is the Ramkhamhaeng University English Test. Result of your entrance examination is either that you can begin to study without conditions, or that you have to take (and, certainly, pass) the Intensive English course first. The Intensive English course is scheduled each semester before the normal courses begin, in order to make you eligible for the following classes and for communicating with lecturers and fellow students.


Master Degree (English Program)

You have to pass the Ramkhamhaeng University English Test.

In addition, Master program applicants will pass an interview in order to, first, learn more about your background and intentions and, second, advise you on further preparations and to make sure the choice of your major is beneficial to your needs and intentions.

LL.D. and Ph.D. Degree (English Program)

Applicants must pass the interviewing panel before being admitted to the Ph.D. program. This selection will be in accordance with the rules of graduate studies (1995); Ramkhamhaeng University, No. 8.4 of section 1 and No. 9.4. of section 2 (a copy of which can be requested from IIS-RU).