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RAM1000       Knowledge and Morality                             3 (3 - 0 - 9)

Conceptualized study of vision, theories, principles, processes and human learning development strategies, creative thinking the development of physical and mental health, intellect, knowledge and morality, ethical and cultural way of life, good quality of life, human dignity, pride in Thai identity; inculcating sound awareness of the nation’s responsibility, an understanding of politics, governances, socio-economics, arts and national cultural principles; local wisdom, Thai wisdom, and universal knowledge; inculcating belief in conserving natural resources, the environment and energy; self-reliance; acquiring a thirst for knowledge and capability self-learning on a continuous basis, the application of theories into practices according to the philosophy of sufficiency economy, the application and implementation of knowledge and morality conditions.


ENG1001        Basic English Sentences and Essential Vocabulary in and               3 (2 – 2 – 5)

Daily Life

A study of basic sentence structures, vocabulary and common expressions used in daily life, with the focus on grammatically constructed sentence components and sentence continuance with punctuation and conjunctions.


ENG1002        English Sentences and Vocabulary in General Use)    3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study of basic sentences and vocabulary in general use, leading to and understanding of sentence structure and components, with the emphasis on sentence continuum with punctuation and conjunctions.


ENG2001        English Reading for Comprehension           3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study of the methods and ways of reading short paragraphs, focusing on words, phrases, and sentence structure, and emphasizing the understanding of prefixes, suffixes, contextual clues and dictionaries.


ENG2002        English Interpretative Reading 3                 3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study of interpretive reading with the focus on the main idea, supporting statements and themes of paragraphs, speed reading, scanning, skimming, and comprehension.


HED1101           Health Promotion For Life                                         2 (2 – 4 – 4) Study the history and principles of badminton; skill training; rules; umpiring

and instructing.

HIS1001         Western Civilization                                   3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of political, economic, social, and cultural developments of Western societies, from ancient times to modern times. Emphasis is on unique features of Western civilization and its dominance in the world since the 18th century.


HIS1201         Foundations of Thai Culture                      3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of Thai culture from antiquity to modern times. Emphasis is placed on unique characteristics of political, economic, social, and cultural developments.


INT1005         Introduction to Computer Systems             3 (3 – 0 – 6)

History of computer, number system, components of computer system: hardware, Software; data communication, computer network, various types of information systems, programming development concept, computer applications, social impacts and ethical issues on computer using.


LIS1001         Information and Technology for Searching 2 (2 – 0 – 4)

A study of roles and importance of information, information sources, automated library, information storage and retrieval system, information technology, information network and internet for research and information dissemination. Research methodology, report writing and academic reference are also included.


MSA1003       Music Appreciation                                    2 (2 – 0 – 4)

A study of the different types of musical instruments, Western music style as a historical development, understanding musical composition in order to appreciate works of the world masterpieces, and a comparison of different types of music, with emphasis on the development and knowledge of Thai music.


PHI1003         Introduction to Philosophy                        3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of the meanings and scope of philosophy, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Ethics and Aesthetics; the development of Eastern and Western philosophies from ancient times to modern times.


PSY1001        General Psychology                                  3 (3 – 0 – 6)

Study history of psychology, the psychological investigation, physiological basic of behaviors, sensation, perception, human development, learning cognition, memory, emotion and motivation, intelligence, personality and adjustment, and social behavior.


SOC1003       Introduction to Sociology and Anthropology 3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of the scope of matters concerning humans and society, general sociological and anthropological concepts which are applied to the study of society, social organizations, social institutions, culture and patterns of human behavior in society, humans and environment, including the various interrelationships of humans in society, socialization, social stratification, deviant behavior, social control and social change, as well as the application of sociological and anthropological knowledge to the present conditions in societies.


THA1001       Structure of Thai and Its Usage                  3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of both unique and general characteristics of phonology, morphology, and syntax of the Thai language, including royal terms and Thai idioms, with emphasis on skills for listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


THA1002       Introduction to Thai Literature                   3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of literary development from the Sukhothai to the Bangkok period, including the types and characteristics of Thai literature and literary terms.


ENG2101        English Pronunciation                                3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A linguistic approach to the study and practice of English vowel and consonant sounds in pronunciation, as well as English stress and intonation, with reference to phonetic transcriptions for the benefit of dictionary consultation


ENG2102        Controlled Conversation in English            3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of the aim, meaning and process of common conversations, with the emphasis on the aspects of culture, traditions, and involved gestures.


ENG2401        English Sentences and Short Paragraphs    3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of simple, compound, and complex sentences, with emphasis on short paragraph writing.


ENG2402        English Paragraph Writing                          3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study of the components of a good paragraph, consisting of an indentation, a topic sentence, supporting sentences, a summary, including coherence and transitions with the practice of paragraph writing


ENG2601        Introduction to English and American Literatures 3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of the nature, value, methodology, and historical development of English and American literature, including terms, conventions with illustrations from certain works and excerpts.


ENG2901        Mythological Background in Literature        3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of contents and concepts in Greek, Roman, and other Western mythologies, including the Bible, in relation to the development of titles, themes, and contents of Western literature.


ENG3301        English Reading for Analysis                      3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of techniques for reading, with emphasis on the analysis of validity, context, word formation, and idiom usage.


ENG3401        English Reading for Appreciation                3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of reading various literary works in order to gain a full understanding of forms, tactics, contents, and purposes of the writers.


ENG4401        Feature and Letter Writing in English          3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of writing features and letters.


ENL2001        Introduction to Language                           3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of the question, “What is language?”, its importance and origin, animal languages, language and the brain, phonological and morphological systems, transformational grammar and government and binding syntax, language acquisition, pragmatics, semantics, language and culture, including language change and writing systems.


ENL2002        Introduction to Linguistics                          3 (3 – 0 – 6)

An introduction to the methods of descriptive linguistics and its components, and structure as well as linguistic analysis according to Generative Transformational Grammar.


ENG3101        General Conversation in English                 3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of general conversations, with emphasis on developing listening and speaking skills, as well as proper etiquette.


ENG4301        English Reading for Appreciation                3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of reading various literary works in order to gain a full understanding of forms, tactics, contents, and purposes of the writers.

ENG4712        William Shakespeare’s Plays                      3 (3 – 0 – 6)

A study of theme, plot, characterization, rhetorical strategy, and artistic talents in Shakespeare’s history, comedy, and tragedy plays.


ENS3201        English in Job Application                          3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of reading and writing application forms and letters, resumes, and letters of recommendation.


ENS3202        English in Office Work                               3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of the characteristics of various models of business letters, memos, reports, and minutes including reading and writing.


ENS3403        English for Guides                                     3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study and practice of the English used for guides in the tourist industry, focusing on explanations and descriptions of places and people of interest, geography, history, culture, politics, and economy, with emphasis on listening and speaking.


ENS4202        Secretarial English                                     3 (2 – 2 – 5)

A study of the formats and characteristics of various types of letters, memos, reports and minutes in an advanced level for secretary.