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          According to the buddy program 2014, I have two buddies from Germany; Miss Laura Pfister and Miss Judith Oberle. However, I spent most of the time with Miss Laura because Miss Judith had returned to Germany after she arrived only couple days.

          Firstly, I met Miss Laura at her resident on the first day she arrived Bangkok, then we walked through the campus, I showed her the canteen at NMB as well as IIS building. After that, I explain to her about public transportation when we went to The Mall Ramkhamhaeng by bus. We had Somtam and Padthai for dinner, I chose that menus because they are famous Thai dishes which foreigners like to try.

          Secondly, Miss Judith and her colleagues had arrived Bangkok, Miss Anootsara and I rent a van to pick them up from the airport and brought them to the same resident as Miss Laura.

          Miss Judith and her colleagues checked-in their room, they all get some rest and we go out for dinner together at The Nine. We chose the Thai restaurant because all German students wanted to try. Miss Anootsara and I also explain some of Thai culture and tourist attractions during dinner.

          I also met Miss Laura’s mother when she visited Thailand, we had a great dinner together.

          Finally, I went to the airport to send Miss Laura back to Germany.

The benefit that I gain from this program is I feel more confident when talking to foreigners because mostly in class, I am very quiet.

I get to know some of German culture, as Miss Laura told me during dinner.

However, the most important thing is friendship, Miss Laura and I still contact each other via Facebook as well as Miss Judith, who sent me a lovely Christmas postcard.