Thana Kruawong
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Report for Buddy program

1. What did you do during participating in this Buddy Program in order to help newly arrived international exchange students adjust themselves to new environment?

I got 3 buddies, 1 French guy and 2 German Girls. After I got their E-mail, I sent the introducing letter and then we were in touch on Facebook. A French guy, Terry, and a German Girl, Alisa, came first. I gave them the book named “Survivor in Thailand” as a welcome gift. They are very nice and we became good friends. I had a welcome lunch with Alisa at the University canteen (NMB building) and she introduced her friends to me. Later we had a class together.

After we planned and went to a sightseeing day trip at the Ratthanakosin Island. I was their tour guide to visit the temple of Dawn (Wat Arun), show them around and tell them a little history that I know.

When another buddy, Terry came from France, I went to meet him at the welcome party at RCA. He also introduced his friends from France to me. And later we had lunch some time so I got some chance to talk to him and introduce him some good Thai foods. We met again just before new year at Central World then I show him the beautiful decorations in the center of the city.

My Third buddy came a bit late then the others I had many trips with her. Julia from Germany, she came with two German friends so I picked them up at the airport. Later we made a day trip to Wat Po and also Wat Arun. I again gave them some information that I know about the place and Thailand. Since I did not have class for a week, we decided to go to Cambodia together to visit Angkor Wat. We had a great time there. After New Year celebration, we also made a plan to see the sunset at the pier next to Wat Arun. I took them to the “Museum of Siam” next the pier to show them the history of Siam Thailand.

2. What benefits did you gain from this program and how it can help you to improve yourself in terms of language, personality, knowledge, friendship in the so-called intercultural situation or cultural diversified atmosphere at IIS-RU?

1. I had more foreign friends that are all nice and friendly.
2. I learn a lot of Western culture by experience them when we had trips together.
3. I also learn how is different between German Culture and French culture that might help me in my future career.
4. I would say the IIS-RU is the most institute that had intercultural situation environment, and I tried my best to be a good host – a good buddy and a good representative of Thailand and our institute.

I would like to thanks “The buddies program” That provide me a lot of opportunities. I gain benefit a lot from this program.

Thank You
Thana Kruawong , 2015