Nang Kein Kham
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2014 Buddy Program    
To –    Buddy program
From – Nang Kein Kham
Date -  27/ 3 / 2015

It was such a great chance joining the IIS-Buddy Program and meeting new friends Laura and Katrin from Germany.

The first movement I did was introducing ISS campus to them, such as helping them to do registration, showing them around the campus in order to let them get used the campus, which buildings are most classes take place. Luckily, we took the same class, with Professor, Claudia Aymer, so it made us easier to get along with each other.

Apart from that, I and some other buddy partners took them visiting many famous place around Bangkok, such as Grand Place, The museum of Siam, Wat Aron, golden Mount and so on. Moreover, sometimes we met up at night for dinner or sitting at bars. Night market near ISS campus was a common meeting place for talking, relaxing and eating.

Joining with buddy program, I have gained some knowledge from my buddies. As long as we had to communicate in English, my speaking has been improved. Personally, one of the important things I noticed was about the time. They are really punctuated. So it made me consider myself, not to waste time and keep value on time. Moreover, we exchanged a lot of personalities, knowledge, and cultural aspects.

The last thing, even the program is ended, but our relationship is going on. We contact with each other by social networks. We will be friends for ever.

Therefore, I want to thank to the IIS-buddy program given me such great chance to know Laura and Katrin. I am really appreciated.

Your sincerely
Nang Kein Kham