Wimaipawn Krasaesataya
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1. What did you do during participating in this Buddy Program in order to help newly arrived international exchange students adjust themselves to new environment?

I got two buddies, one French girl and one German girl. I sent them the introducing mail after I got their emails. Then we were in touch in on WhatsApp and Facebook.

I met German girl, named Katharina, a few days later after they arrived. I was helping her and her friends to find a resident after they arrived few days. She also made me known to her friends at our first meet and we had welcome party and farewell party with her friends. She has invited me to participate the Double Degree Program in Germany, which she is the representative of the program. We were trying to see each other or travel together, but our timing was always off. So, she and I were not often met each other.

I met another buddy of mine, Morgane, French girl, a few days later, after she arrived; I could not pick her up because I was busy. She invited me to a small meeting at her place because she wants to make me known to her friends as well as to get to know other buddies of her friends. Before I met her, she and her friends have rented a house for a week, due to they could not find any residence when they arrived. I also helped them to find a residence to stay. Due to staying in the same street, I often met them. We hung out together, had meal together and had great trips together. I took them to see many tourist places and showed them how to take the bus, train and boat. Since then, Morgane, her friends and I became friends, not just a buddy who in charge of helping her to adjust themselves to Thailand. I am an exchange student in Germany, but we are still keeping in touch. I went to them in Montpellier on the second week of March before my courses start and before her internship in Belgium. Also, we plan to see each other again before I leave Germany.

2. What benefits did you gain from this program and how it can help you to improve yourself in terms of language, personality, knowledge, friendship in the so-called intercultural situation or cultural diversified atmosphere at IIS-RU?

Firstly, I learnt both languages, especially French. Secondly, I have learnt a lot of Western culture which is not from foreigner who stay in Thailand but from whom are not staying in Thailand and never experience Thai culture. They showed how German culture and French culture really are. It is not the same as the books said about Western culture but not too different. They also taught me about their culture, manner, and thoughts of people in their countries before my exchange trip to Germany and my trip to France. Lastly, I have met new people who I never thought that we could become more than the people who I just know.  Friendship is the greatest things that I got from this program.