Kannapa Tuburai
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My name is Kannapa Tuburai, I had two buddies, the first one is Elena, she went back to German already, but the other one, Hella she is still in Thailand.

1. What did you do during participating in this Buddy Program in order to help newly arrived international exchange students adjust themselves to new environment?

Answer : I took my buddy, Elena to travel around Bangkok. Going to Wat pho and suggest her to try some local food (local restaurant in the town) for example: Roti Mataba, Thai tea, or ข้าวเนื้ออบ (I don’t know how to write in English). And helping her when she had a problem about her phone. She lost her phone at night market that is nearly at IIS-RU. Helping her for telling her to reported to the police at Huamark police station and take her to Dtac, True, and AIS for reported her phone number to arrest the thief.  But unfortunately, we can’t find it, and Elena wanted to buy a new sim card one, I helped her to contact the seller of Dtact.

I will show you some of pictures of me and Elena and her friends  

For the other one, Hella. I just met her twice, but she is very friendly. She came here in Thailand twice, once for holiday and now she’s here for studying. So, I didn’t help her too much about staying in Thailand. But sometimes I can help her. I and Hella went out for lunch together, having Japanese food and drink some coffee at the mall.
Me and Hella
2. What benefits did you gain from this program and how it can help you to improve yourself in terms of language, personality, knowledge, friendship in the so-called intercultural situation or cultural diversified atmosphere at IIS-RU?

Answer : Yes, It really helps me for improve my English skills, and learn new things about German culture that they will have coffee time at 4 pm. Learning some German language and exchange some knowledge about our different culture. I really enjoy it; they are so nice and friendly. For me, I think this program is very helpful and benefits for people who want to improve yourself, meeting new people, open your mind and learning new cultural, and always make new friends. And, being a good Thai for the foreigners to let them impressed. I want to say that if my buddies come back to German, we will always get in touch. And we want to see of each other again someday.