Saw Soe Min Htwe
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Saw Soe Min Htwe

Exchange student Experience in Republic of Korea

          Hello, I’m Saw Soe Min Htwe. I have a marvelous time as an exchange student in Republic of Korea. By being an exchange student, you will have a big change to experience a new culture, learning a new language, making new friends and above all personal development. The university that I attended is Kyonggi University and you can expect great things from studying there. All the professors are expert in their fields and they always encourage me to improve and develop my critical thinking. Making new friends from other countries and spending times with them are memories that worth saving. Traveling around the Republic of Korea is like living in a new world, the weather is mostly fresh and cool and the foods are satisfying. Give a chance to be an exchange student in Republic of Korea as all the great experiences can be expected.