Agu Ogbonna Jasper
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Agu Ogbonna Jasper originally came from Nigeria and joined International Summer School at Pukyong National University, Busan, South Korea in 2014

Hello, Nice to meet you meet you here, Have you ever experienced life outside your geographical area, Have you been able to live and adapt in an entirely different environment other than the one you are quite used to, of different cultures in many ways (language, food, greetings, dressing etc., and have you ever met with friends whom you thought you wouldn’t have met if certain opportunities were not created, the people you met, are they wonderful, educative, generous and accommodative as those that I met during my stay in Pukyong National University? No wonder they said that; “Travelling is part of education”

The Pukyong National University Summer School of July, 2014 was indeed amazing and interesting one as it really gave me an opportunity to meet, make wonderful friends and share a lot of academics and cultural experiences with students from 15 different countries of the world, thereby creating in me an indelible experience that has exposed me to many life and academic goals which I now pursue with much enthusiasm knowing fully well that education is power.