Program Completion and Program Structure
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RAM1000 Knowledge and Morality                                                                                                               

            The significance of various kinds of knowledge, the meaning of morality and ethics, the relationships between knowledge and morality, the fostering of individual virtues alongside the fostering of the social virtues, the principles of good governance, the use of the philosophy of the sufficiency economy in actual life, the fostering of public mind leading to an awareness of the need to conserve natural resources, to protect the environment and source of energy to the end of graduates will have the qualities of being knowledgeable and socially good persons who will take responsibility for Thai society.

IEN1002 English Sentence and Vocabulary in General Use

            A study of basic sentences and vocabulary in general use, leading to an understanding of tenses and sentence structure.

IEN2001 English Reading for Comprehension

            A study of the methods and ways of reading short paragraphs, focusing on words, phrases,  sentence structure, prefixes, suffixes, contextual clues and dictionary usage.

IIS1001 Martial Arts

            Mixed Martial Arts, Theories, Practices. Muscle Preparation for different types of martial arts. Conducting the way of life based on Martial Arts Philosophy.

IIS1002 Dances and Wellness

            Different types of dancing and Practices. Wellness and daily life adaptation.

IIS1003 Volunteering for Social Development

            The role of Thai monarchy, government and people in social development. Definitions, Concepts, Principles of volunteering works for social development. Approach and Process on creating volunteering works. Case studies of group and organization.              

IIT1004 Introduction to Computer for Business

            History of computer, hardware and software components of computer system, input and output devices, computer application in business, data administration, microcomputer technology and personal usage: word processing and database management system, social  impacts and ethical issues on computer using.

ITS1001 Information and Technology Searching

            A study of roles and importance of information, information sources, automated library, information storage and retrieval system, information technology, information network and internet for research and information dissemination. Research methodology, report writing and academic reference are also included.

IMT1003 Basic Mathematics

            Sets, logics, relations and functions, real number system, vectors and matrices, counting principle and probability.

IPS1001 General Psychology

            Study history of psychology, the psychological investigation, physiological basic of behaviors, sensation, perception, human development, learning, thinking, memory, emotion and motivation, intelligence, personality and social behavior etc. to apply for daily life. 

ITH1003 Thai Language and Culture

            Study Thai language, using of words, and sentences to effectively communicate; relevant aspects of the Thai culture and its unique characteristics. 

IAC1001 Principles of Accounting

            A study of the accounting development; basic accounting framework; the analysis and recording of accounting entries according to the accounting principles for merchandising and servicing firms; purposes and uses of journal; ledgers, adjusting and closing entries, working paper add the preparation of financial statements.

IBS2101 Business Information and Communication

            A study of various forms of business information and communication. The use of technical terms and enable the students to understand business used in each business division. Analysis of business articles in various media in order to enhance English communication skill (listening, speaking, reading and writing) for business administration student.         

IEC1001 General Microeconomics

            A study of the nature and scope of basic economics, including consumer behavior, factors of production, marketing system, demand, supply, value and price, pricing in various kinds of market, the allocation or returns to the input in the form of interest, profit, rent and wages. A study of personal and national income, consumption, saving, investment, economic development, international trade, money and banking system, credit, inflation, deflation, public finance, monetary and fiscal policies, public debts, business cycle, and unemployment.



IFN2101 Business Finance

            A study of the objective and functions of the financial manager, the principles of acquiring funds and the use of financial instruments; the allocation funds for operations in order to achieve the financial objectives and making financial decisions.

IHM2101 Human Resource Management

            Study of Human resource management, Competency-base human resource management, human capital, strategic recruitment, development, performance management, company and retention talent employee, human resource and social responsibility, and business ethics, HR trends and innovation.

ILW2016 Business Law

            Studies of laws relating to business such as juristic act, contract, and business organization for example partnership, company, and public company, prescribing offences related to registered partnership, limited partnership, companies, securities law, and commercial registration. Moreover this course examines the law regarding to accounting which are the Accounting Act B.E. 2543 and the Accounting Professions Act. B.E. 2547. 

IMG2101 Principles of Management

            A study of the managerial functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling in business enterprises; individual behavior and group behavior in workplace and analysis of the ongoing process vital to achieving co-ordination among workforce in the attainment of company objective.

IMG2102 Operations and Supply Chain Management

            A study of operation management which involves planning, controlling for production of goods and services. Moreover, it concern the area of production design, process and technology for operations, quality management, project management, forecasting, inventory management, capacity planning, resource requirement planning. It also aims to provide the knowledge of supply chain management from upstream industry to downstream industry in order to increase the effectiveness and sustainable competitive advantage.

IMG3101 Strategic Management

            A study of meaning, significance and application of a strategic management process in business organizations. An analysis of both external and internal environments to figure out the power of various groups affecting internal operations. Determining an organizational direction, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and strategic control as well analyzing the current issues influencing business decision making.

IMG3102 Taxation

            A study of the principles of imposition of revenue tax, excise tax, and custom duties; tax filing and payment; tax appeals in each category; and problems in taxation.

IMK2101 Principles of Marketing

            To study the definition, important, roles, marketing morality and functions of marketing that affect to economy and society, marketing institution, marketing environments, marketing systems, consumer behavior, market segmentation, marketing mix, specific marketing topics.

IST2016 Business Statistics

            Introduction to mathematics and statistics, descriptive and inferential statistics, decision-making under certainty and uncertainty, linear programming, transportation problems, assignment problems, simulation technique, business applications.

IBA3101 Global Business Management

International business concepts and theories specialized global business topics. Knowledge in Global business research and analysis and International business planning.

IBA3102 Digital Communication

            To study concepts, characteristics, forms, and methods of various kinds of media for digital communication including the uses and effect of digital media.

IBA3103 International Business Law

            Students develop an advanced understanding of the law governing commerce and finance in today's international market. Students study areas such as corporate governance, international trade transactions and competition law.

IBA3104 Intercultural Communication

            Students learn the basic elements of interpersonal communication and culture as the two relate to one another. Emphasis is given to the influence of culture on the interpretation of the communication act and to the communication skills that enhance cross-cultural communication.


IBA3105 Cross-Cultural Management

            Meaning and root of culture, comparative culture, effect of culture on values, mindset, attitude, and motivation on organizational behavior and strategy. Challenges and role of expatriate in cultural management.

IBA3106 Digital Business Information System

            Students will develop advanced business information system and technical skills to differentiate their career in the modern corporate world. This includes the strategic application of cloud computing, information security and other contemporary technologies.

IBA3107 Global Strategy

            Focused on strategy and international competition. Explores the challenges that multinational executives face as they formulate, implement, test, and adapt a strategy to compete around the world.

IBA3108 Digital Media Planning

            Deepen knowledge of digital buying and planning. Review the entire digital media buying and planning process from start to finish.

IBA3109 Global Marketing

            Concept of global marketing and brand management. Global marketing communication strategies. In-depth global environmental analysis and examines approaches to operating in an increasingly interconnected world. The course also addresses new challenges in managing global marketing.

IBA3110 Digital Marketing

            Basic understanding about digital marketing concepts, strategies, and implementation, including planning a website, website marketing, email and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns, Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns and integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing.

IBA3111 Global Social Enterprise

            Learn the practice of starting and growing social mission-driven for-profit and nonprofit venture. The role social enterprises create wealth in all its forms: economic value, social innovation and sustainability, and making a change in the communities.

IBA3112 Digital Communication for Global Business

            Digital communication for global business and marketing. Basic global advertising and public relations. Web design for international customers. Design, approach, languages, and content for global business communications. In addition, students may be required to learn from the experiences of their study visits within or outside the institution. Students will do the professional practicing in organizations regarding business. The class lecturer shall provide the consultancy, supervision and evaluation of the study visits.

IBA4101 Seminar in Global Business and Digital Communication

            Study the selected interesting topics in global business and digital communication for current situation. In addition, students may be required to learn from the experiences of their study visits within or outside the institution. Students will do the professional practicing in organizations regarding business. The class lecturer shall provide the consultancy, supervision and evaluation of the study visits.

IBA4102 Global Entrepreneurial Mindset

            Theory and the way to make a global entrepreneurial mindset. Address what global entrepreneurs do in practice and how they assemble business value and opportunities with social networks. In addition, students may be required to learn from the experiences of their study visits within or outside the institution. Students will do the professional practicing in organizations regarding business. The class lecturer shall provide the consultancy, supervision and evaluation of the study visits.

IBA4103 Business Startup in USA

            Understand the context of starting small business in USA by learning various case studies from different types of startup the country. Startup Business plan in USA. Success and failure cases from various industries and contexts.

IBA4104 Business Startup in Asia

            Understand the context of starting small business in Asia by learning various case studies from different countries. Startup Business plan in Asia. Success and failure cases from various industries and contexts.

IBA4105 Business Startup in Europe

            Understand the context of starting small business in Europe by learning various case studies from different countries. Startup Business plan in Europe. Success and failure cases from various industries and contexts.

Program Structure


Number of Credits

1. General Education Courses

2. Specific Requirement Courses

2.1. Major Business Courses   

2.2. Major Core Courses

2.2.1. Major Required Courses  

2.2.2. Major Elective Courses

3. Free Elective Courses











Please note that this curriculum shows the complete range of courses for this program and, as such, covers more subjects than one needs to graduate. Which courses out of this curriculum in fact are offered in a year is up to IIS-RU.


1. General Education Courses (30 Credits)    
  Science and Mathematics (6 Credits)     
  IIT1004  Introduction to Computer for Business   3 credits
  IMT1003  Basic Mathematics   3 credits
  Humanities (6 Credits): Choose IIS1001 or IIS1002    
  ITS1001  Information and Technology Searching   3 credits
  IIS1001  Martial Arts   3 credits
  IIS1001  Martial Arts   3 credits
  Social Science (9 Credits)    
  IPS1001  General Psychology   3 credits
  RAM1000  Knowledge and Morality   3 credits
  IIS1003  Volunteering for Social Development   3 credits
  Foreign Language (6 Credits)    
  IEN1002  English Sentence and Vocabulary in General Use   3 credits
  IEN2001  English Reading for Comprehension   3 credits
  Thai Language (3 Credits)    
  ITH1003  Thai language and Culture   3 credits


2. Specific Requirement Courses (87 Credits)    
  2.1 Major Business Courses (36 Credits)                                                 
  IAC1001  Principles of Accounting   3 credits
  IBS2101  Business Information and Communication   3 credits
  IEC1001  General Microeconomics   3 credits
  IFN2101  Business Finance   3 credits
  IHM2101  Human Resource Management   3 credits
  ILW2016  Business Law   3 credits
  IMG2101  Principles of Management   3 credits
  IMG2102  Operations and Supply Chain Management   3 credits
  IMG3101  Strategic Management   3 credits
  IMG3102  Taxation   3 credits
  IMK2101  Principles of Marketing   3 credits
  IST2016   Business Statistics   3 credits
  2.2 Major Core Courses (51 Credits)    
  2.2.1 Major Required Courses (39 Credits)    
  IBA3101   Global Business Management   3 credits
  IBA3102   Digital Communication   3 credits
  IBA3103   International Business Law   3 credits
  IBA3104   Intercultural Communication   3 credits
  IBA3105   Cross-Cultural Management   3 credits
  IBA3106   Digital Business Information System   3 credits
  IBA3107   Global Strategy   3 credits
  IBA3108   Digital Media Planning   3 credits
  IBA3109   Global Marketing   3 credits
  IBA3110   Digital Marketing   3 credits
  IBA3111   Global Social Enterprise   3 credits
  IBA3112   Digital Communication for Global Business   3 credits
  IBA4101   Seminar in Global Business and Digital Communication   3 credits
  2.2.1 Major Elective Courses (12 Credits)    
  IBA4102   Global Entrepreneurial Mindset   3 credits 
  IBA4103   Business Startup in USA   3 credits 
  IBA4104   Business Startup in Asia   3 credits 
  IBA4105   Business Startup in Europe   3 credits 


3. Free Elective Courses (6 credits)