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Katharina Lindenthal from Germany
introduced by Natdanai Rattanasuwan, Thailand

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On Friday, 23 November 2007, I had an opportunity to interview Ms. Katharina Lindenthal (a.k.a. Katha), 22, from Regensburg, Germany. She is now living in Bangkok for a month. Katha and I met at 11.30 a.m. and had lunch together before starting the interview. When the interview began I started by asking her about her decision to study at IIS.

“I ever came to Thailand before and I really love the country. The weather and people are nice and I can see many cultural things. Also, it is the English program and I want to improve my English”, Katha said.

Katha is now living in an apartment in Soi 43 in front of the university, about 10 minutes by feet from the IIS-RU building. In her apartment, there are two rooms. The first room is used as  living room and bed room, the other one is the bath room. Katha told me that, except the refrigerator, the apartment provided all important items for living such as a table, a bed, and a closet. I ask her about the services around her room. She smiles and answers lively there aren’t any problems.

“Internet access is in my room, and food shop, laundry service and many others are just downstairs.”

Katha said she loves to eat Thai fried rice at her Thai friend’s local food shop just opposite of her apartment building. I asked her about her opinion about Thai food and if there is any problem to eat Thai food for her.

“Thai food for lunch and dinner, I love spicy Thai food.” Katha said with her smile.

In her free time, she likes to sleep in her room, hang out in Pattaya, or join traditional festivals like many foreigners do. So I asked about the money she has to spend a month. Katha smile again and said:

“I spend around 27,000 baht including everything such as room fee, living, and hanging out. 27,000 baht is the maximum, however.”

Katha said she loves to live with the local people, so I ask her for some ideas about Thailand from her perspective.

“People are very nice and so friendly. They usually help me when I want to go to somewhere. When I smile to them, they will smile back to me. That is what makes this country so different from my country.”

After the interview was finished Katha invited me to go the ‘Food Land’, so I could take some photos about her living. Food Land is located at Laad Prao Road, which is not so far from the university. To go to food land, we took a bus for about 15 minutes. It is a place that provides so many kinds of food. Katha can choose from a variety of German food. When we went back to her apartment we spent only a few minutes waiting for the taxi

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