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Second Semester: November to March

Course Packages in Mass Communication Technology

(Last updated 22.09.2007)

The calculation of the tuition fee for the semester depends on the number of courses taken (each one is a 3-credit course). It's simple:

  • ≈ US$ 286 basic fee + US$ 98 per course, or

  • ≈ € 218 basic tuition fee + € 75 per course

If you study 8 courses, your tuition fee for the full semester is ≈ US$ 1070 or ≈ € 818.

Please note: You can study the complete semester with all courses, or you can choose those courses from a package that fits you. Choosing courses from two or more packages may lead to overlapping schedules. Since in most courses class attendance is necessary, you cannot complete two courses on the same class days.

Mass Communication Technology 1

Mass Communication Technology 2

Mass Communication Technology 3

Mass Communication Technology 4

  • TV303 Television Program Management
  • TV304 Radio Program Production
  • TV405 Radio and Television for Society
  • TV409 Radio and Television Announcing (see photos)
  • TV307 Make-up Techniques and Costume Design

Mass Communication Technology 5

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