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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)

Semester Abroad at IIS-RU in Bangkok:
Course Packages for International Students

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You find here the semester plans of our students. You can join them for the whole semester or for only a few courses, as you wish.

What are the Admission Requirements?
You need to certify that your school leaving diploma at least equals the U.S. Junior High School Diploma (grade 9). For details, please have a look at Admission Requirements.

Why course packages?
We offer these packages to make planning easier for you. All courses within one package are offered in that particular semester without any course overlapping another one. The order in which these courses are given may change due to the schedule of the foreign professors who come to Bangkok to teach them. In addition, it makes your travel planning easier since you have a clear start and finish date.

Can I choose courses myself?
Sure, you can choose any courses from the non-degree program (even including courses taught in Chinese language) to make your own schedule. This, however, comes with some difficulties since courses may overlap. In addition, the scheduling of all the Western university professors is a highly complex task, and only too often, dates change by a few days on short notice. Finally, not all theoretically possible courses are offered each year.

How to apply?
Please download the application form and send it per e-mail to IIS-RU, if possible with a recent photo and a copy of your transcripts attached as well. Based on this application, you will receive a Letter of Admission that serves as the necessary document to receive a student visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in your country. (If it is too much effort to do this in your country, you may come here with a tourist visa and do the bureaucratic steps in your right in Bangkok.) Please see all details at Application Process.

Will I get a transcript for my university?
Certainly. Please have a look at this transcript.

What does it cost?
The tuition fee for your semester package depends upon the number of credits taken in this semester and varies between the programs. Please find the tuition fee for the particular package in the headline of the package. The tuition fee covers all academic expenses, textbooks, and handouts. The tuition fee is to be paid in Thai Baht (THB). We calculated 37 Baht per US$ and 47 Baht per €.

Cost of living depends upon your standards. With € 500 or US$ 600 per month, however, you will have a fine life with some reserves for activities with your fellow students. Please have a look at the Photo Galleries as well where international students show their every day living environment and inform you about their expenses.

How to find a room for the first nights?
Have a look at and choose from the hotels around the campus. We recommend, the next day to come to IIS and speak with our foreign students. They will introduce you to the aparment market. This way, you avoid renting an over-prized apartment far away from the campus.


Courses offered in:

June to October (1. semester)

November to March (2. semester)

April and May (summer session)

Mattheijs Cornelissen Luise Seegers
You want to know how international students live in Bangkok? No problem. Just take a look at our Photo Galleries.


You want to know more?
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For more information, please also have a look into our FAQ!
Our Student Life in Bangkok section is also recommended.

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