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Ramkhamhaeng University Institute of International Studies (IIS-RU)
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Summer Session: April and May

The summer semester at IIS-RU is a voluntary third semester each year. Studying these courses enables our students to graduate earlier from the regular 4-year bachelor program. In these courses, therefore, you will meet many of our high-performing students.

The calculation of the tuition fee for the summer semester depends on the number of courses taken (each one is a 3-credit course). It's simple:

  • ≈ US$ 230 basic fee + US$ 98 per course, or

  • ≈ € 175 basic tuition fee + € 75 per course

If you study 6 courses, your tuition fee for the full semester is ≈ US$ 818 or ≈ € 675.

The following courses are usually offered (those with 'or' are conducted at the same days).

Please note: Courses offered follow the requests of our students. Therefore, they may change every year. For Summer 2008, please see the current schedule.

Please note: Clicking the course number leads you to the course description. On this Web site, we exhibit only the descriptions of major courses. The other courses are usually the same as at each serious university worldwide.

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