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What did I do during participating in this Buddy Program in order to help newly arrived international exchange students adjust themselves to new environment?

Firstly, I went to the airport and picked Arno (name of my buddy) up to his living place behind the Ramkamhaeng University. But he also came with his 4 friends and he got me to know his friends. After I brought them to their house I brought them to the mall Bangkapi to make the “Sim Card”. And advise them where they can buy the cheap cloths or the stuffs. Then I brought them to have some food at the “Tawanna Food court”. And showed them how to order the food including with taught a few Thai words to order the food by themselves. The second day after, I brought them to the centre of Bangkok at the Siam paragon include MBK. I told them how to go back to their house and suggest them to take a taxi at first, normally. But on that day I took them to take a BTS from Siam to Payathai and connected to Airport rail link to the Ramkamhaeng station and took a taxi after. Moreover, I suggested avoiding the taxi that exploits them; I told them to tell the taxi to use the metre. After I knew them well, I took them to go to the Wat-Pra-Kaew and took a boat to across Chao-pra-ya River to viewed the temples on the another side of the river. Moreover, I brought them to the fitness centre at FBT where I also worked out there and we spent many times to worked out together. Also we went out for party a lot; first time was at Route 66. Finally, we also celebrated birthday party for our friend at Bombay bar.

What benefits did I gain from this program and how it can help you to improve yourself in terms of language, personality, knowledge, friendship in the so-called intercultural situation or cultural diversified atmosphere at IIS-RU?

First of all, I will focus on the language. I gain much knowledge in terms of English language which I can improve in this language a lot. Because I was keep talking to them through an English language and whenever I talked to them I feel more confident to speaking like I never been before. And for the personality, I am more confident, open minded. I also studied about French language from them and taught them how to pronounce Thai word. And I learned about how to go out for party with them. Then I asked the about them about the education in France and also in European. With the different transcript between Thai and France also the education there is more difficult than Thai but mostly of them work while studying too. They need support themselves for studying and also the transportation there is discipline.