The Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University - Songkhla Regional Campus
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Qualification for New Student Applicant

                        The details for the Entrance Examination to select students for the degrees of Bachelor of Business

   Administration and Bachelor of Arts for Academic Year 2022 are as follows:

   Selection criteria for applicant: There is only Online Interview Assessment 100% through ZOOM Meeting Application

   with the assessment criteria are provided below:

                        - to evaluate the English language skills in speaking

                        - to evaluate the personality

                        - to evaluate applicant’s intention to study

                        - when it deems appropriate, the Board shall have the authority

   and other qualifications as stipulated in the Ramkhamhaeng University Regulations for studying at Bachelor’s Degree

   Level of the Institute of International Studies B.E. 2547 (A.D. 2004)


The Required Document for the application

            Applicant sitting for the Entrance Examination is required to upload the following documents:

  • Photographs of 2 inches facing straight, taken not more than 6 months ago.
  • High school transcript (Mathayom 6)
  • High school certificate (Mathayom 6) showing the completion of studies.

            In case of high school certificate from educational institutions from overseas, every document has to be translated

   into English by a certified translator and notarized, as well as have the seal from the respective country embassy.

  • National Identity Card.

            If applicant is a foreigner please upload the current main page of passport and the passport must be translated

   into the Thai language by certified translator and notarized, together with the approval seal.

  • Test results of IELTS / TOEFL (if any: can be used for interview component)
  • Certificate to change first name, last name or title (if any)

   Note: One of the easiest ways to convert a physical (hard copy) document into an electronic (soft copy)

   document is to use a scanner. However, if you do not have a scanner available, then taking a picture.

   ***PDF is the best document type for uploading, however, the other allowed document types include: JPG, JPEG, PNG


The Documents and Evidence Required for the Registration of New Students

            After the applicants has passed the selection, they are required to upload a modern medical certificate

   by first class doctor in medicine.

   *** Applicant who failure to submit the required documents as stipulated would be deemed that the applicant

   has forfeited his rights and the selection results are considered null and void.


Student Visa

          Any applicant for either the undergraduate or the graduate program who has transferred from another university or

   language institute must contact the IIS-RU office staff after the applicant passes the exam, the applicant is required to pay

   the tuition fee for the first semester according to the credits specified for the first semester of each program. 

   IIS-RU will provide student visas for current students only,which means students who successfully register for courses

   and start classes.