Thai Culture
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Why study in Thailand?

Thailand is located in South East Asia, known as land of smile for friendliness of its people. There are many cultural and natural attractions which are interesting to observe. Traveling to study in Thailand you are not only get amazing experience but also learning Asian culture. You can discover the diversity of culture events in Bangkok. This culture can be found on everywhere on the street such as in the food, language, music, dance, the arts, and Buddhist temples which you will gain new experiences to discover Thai culture.

Thailand has a lot of cultural heritage that is unique and outstanding. The aesthetic of ancient monuments, temples, colorful of traditional handcraft and cuisine show the local wisdom of Thai people that pass from generation to generation. You still can see Thais way of life which connects with the agriculture and river both in Bangkok and up country. Furthermore, you can observe real local life and their traditions, visit cultural attractions, historical sites or homestay with a friendly local people. Thailand certainly has everything you want during your holiday. Visiting Thailand, you will definitely gain wonderful memorable experience in this lively country.