Leisure and Student Activities at IIS-RU
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Leisure & Student Activities

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Activity and Cultural field trip

The programs provide its students with an opportunity by organizing study trips for students to acquire better understanding in the science of their study in order to actually gain a real working experience and develop better understandings of their field. Our field trips include visiting newspaper publishing company and well-known company in Thailand.

In addition, our institute also offers cultural field trip for the students who want to observe Thais way of life. Thailand is full of history, fascinating arts culture and tradition. You can appreciate the old community, monastery, cultural heritage and indigenous knowledge. Moreover, you can explore hidden historic areas of Bangkok and outskirts, tasting delicious local food, and learning about cultural diversity. Our institute would like the foreign student to experience with Thai culture in order to understand the value and meaning of Thailand cultural resource. This activity could help to enhance the in-depth knowledge and the value rising of Thai belief and culture and also to raise the awareness to respect to diversities of other cultures.

Furthermore, IIS-RU advocates of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). We provide an opportunity for IIS-RU student and those interested to participate in and prepare themselves for the AEC era. Our college also organizes the exhibitions, culture day and academic seminar about South East Asia countries in order to educate its students about ASEAN in Today’s World.

Community Volunteers Service

Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University also supports the community volunteer service such as teaching English to Buddhist Novices and building clay house for dhamma retreat. Therefore, our college encourages the student to work in remote area to have a part in the local communities. As a result of the volunteer experience, the students were expected to become more civic-minded and more awareness toward local community.