Madeleine Nina Kanehl
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Leisure & Student Activities

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Madeleine Nina Kanehl participated in the project “The Building Earthen House Project at Chiang Mai 2015”

It was a pleasure for me, that I had the chance to taking part in the great project of being a volunteer. I love to get to know new things, especially a new religion or even culture. The first three days we stayed with the monks and novices at the Plekwiwek Dhamma Centre, located in Wiang Haeng District, Chiang Mai Province. Our day started very early in the morning, we woke up at 5am and the morning chant with the Buddhists Monks and Novices began at 5.30am. This repeated every morning. We also learned how to build the Earthen House, learn people ́s way of life around the border between Thailand and Myanmar and lots of other things Laurie Maund, the storyteller, who moved long time ago from Australia to Thailand.

The last two days we went to Chiang Mai city, and did sightseeing there in the old temples and the old lovely town. For me it was an amazing experience, I could help and join in a very useful project. I would do this every time again. I only can recommend it to everyone, who wants to help and also is interested in improving their own skills. Mr. Wood who was responsibe for the Internationals, took all the time care of us, such a funny guy, the atmosphere in the team was comfortable and familiar. I hope in the future, there will be more offering kind of those projects for the students. Thank you for all.