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Please note that this curriculum shows the complete range of courses for this program and, as such, covers more subjects than one needs to graduate. Which courses out of this curriculum in fact are offered in a year is up to IIS-RU.


1. General Education Courses (30 Credits)    
  Science and Mathematics (6 Credits)     
  IIT1004  Introduction to Computer for Business   3 credits
  IMT1003  Basic Mathematics   3 credits
  Humanities (6 Credits): Choose IIS1001 or IIS1002    
  ITS1001  Information and Technology Searching   3 credits
  IIS1001  Martial Arts   3 credits
  IIS1001  Martial Arts   3 credits
  Social Science (9 Credits)    
  IPS1001  General Psychology   3 credits
  RAM1000  Knowledge and Morality   3 credits
  IIS1003  Volunteering for Social Development   3 credits
  Foreign Language (6 Credits)    
  IEN1002  English Sentence and Vocabulary in General Use   3 credits
  IEN2001  English Reading for Comprehension   3 credits
  Thai Language (3 Credits)    
  ITH1003  Thai language and Culture   3 credits


2. Specific Requirement Courses (87 Credits)    
  2.1 Major Business Courses (36 Credits)                                                 
  IAC1001  Principles of Accounting   3 credits
  IBS2101  Business Information and Communication   3 credits
  IEC1001  General Microeconomics   3 credits
  IFN2101  Business Finance   3 credits
  IHM2101  Human Resource Management   3 credits
  ILW2016  Business Law   3 credits
  IMG2101  Principles of Management   3 credits
  IMG2102  Operations and Supply Chain Management   3 credits
  IMG3101  Strategic Management   3 credits
  IMG3102  Taxation   3 credits
  IMK2101  Principles of Marketing   3 credits
  IST2016   Business Statistics   3 credits
  2.2 Major Core Courses (51 Credits)    
  2.2.1 Major Required Courses (39 Credits)    
  IBA3101   Global Business Management   3 credits
  IBA3102   Digital Communication   3 credits
  IBA3103   International Business Law   3 credits
  IBA3104   Intercultural Communication   3 credits
  IBA3105   Cross-Cultural Management   3 credits
  IBA3106   Digital Business Information System   3 credits
  IBA3107   Global Strategy   3 credits
  IBA3108   Digital Media Planning   3 credits
  IBA3109   Global Marketing   3 credits
  IBA3110   Digital Marketing   3 credits
  IBA3111   Global Social Enterprise   3 credits
  IBA3112   Digital Communication for Global Business   3 credits
  IBA4101   Seminar in Global Business and Digital Communication   3 credits
  2.2.1 Major Elective Courses (12 Credits)    
  IBA4102   Global Entrepreneurial Mindset   3 credits 
  IBA4103   Business Startup in USA   3 credits 
  IBA4104   Business Startup in Asia   3 credits 
  IBA4105   Business Startup in Europe   3 credits 


3. Free Elective Courses (6 credits)