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Admission Process

In general, the admission process for out-going exchange students comprises 7 steps :

Step 1 : The Office of International Affairs, the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU) organizes information sessions, school choices, required documents and any requirements indicated by partner universities for all students at IIS-RU.

Step 2 : An official announcement of application acceptance and selection process, along with other required documents and deadlines will be made and given around March – April for the Fall Semester and around August – October for the Spring Semester each year. An exact deadline for application will be specified along with the official announcement. In addition, survival experiences, both inside and outside classrooms, are shared by former outgoing exchange students to provide a shortcut of “Dos and Don’ts” at partner universities in each different countries.

Step 3 : IIS-RU students who are intended to join the programs have to submit the required documents and check the eligibility of candidacy as following.


Eligible applicant :

  1. Students must be a second year or upper full-time Bachelor degree IIS-RU students.
  2. Students are nominated by your selection committee, executive committee and the Director of IIS-RU.
  3. Students can meet entry requirements for the exchange program at partner universities.
  4. Students must be currently enrolled students at IIS-RU.
  5. Students must pay the fee for retaining “Student Status “at IIS-RU for each semesters until they complete the exchange program.
  6. Students must not having applied for or being the applicant of other exchange program.

Remark: please be noted that freshman students will not be allowed to apply any exchange programs with partner universities; students should register courses at IIS-RU at least two regular consecutive semesters.


Documents need to be submitted for application :

The required documents of each partner universities are varied. Basically, students are required to submit the following documents for their applications.

  1. A completed application form
  2. 2-inch-size photos taken on plain background and proper dressing (5 photos)
  3. A copy of official transcript (5 copies)
  4. A letter of student certificate (5 copies)
  5. A copy of citizen ID card for Thai nationals (5 copies)
  6. A copy of passport for Thai and international students (5 copies)
  7. A 2-page letter of motivation (5 copies)
  8. Up-to-date resume (5 copies)
  9. Two letters of recommendation from professors (5 copies)

Remark: please be noted that other required documents will be informed according to the requirement from each partner universities. For instance, a written pledge, financial certification or other documents might be required by the request of each partner universities. Students must ask the admission coordinator for further information.


Step 4 : A specific interview date will be given officially. The selection committee, executive committee and the Director of IIS-RU will interview to assess outgoing exchange candidates, considering English proficiency skills, attitude, educational background, academic performance, personality, determination, motivation and other psychological factors.

Step 5 : A successful candidate list is officially announced by email and posted on the notice board and IIS-RU Facebook. A successful candidate has to confirm their intent to join the programs with partner universities to admission coordinator via email.

Step 6 : Nomination of outgoing exchange students is then made to respective partner universities within a specified time period. Upon nomination acceptance, an information packet, including course registration, housing (if any) forms, acceptance letters for visa application and other supporting materials, is sent via mail to each and individual outgoing exchange student.

Step 7 : The Office of International Affairs, the Institute of International Studies, Ramkhamhaeng University (IIS-RU) organizes a pre-departure counseling and briefing session for all outgoing exchange students to meet the requirement of course registration and course / grade / credit transfer at IIS-RU. In addition, this pre-departure and briefing is organized by the Office of International Affairs, IIS-RU in order to provide essential information to all students who have received an offer from partner universities.

The session includes guidelines on how to prepare yourself for your stay and includes topics such as:

  • Immigration and passport control procedures
  • How to get to schools, colleges and universities
  • In-charge person for contact at partner universities
  • Financial matters and budget planning
  • Language and cultural differences
  • Other issues that outgoing exchange students need to know about the different host countries

Students also have a chance to meet get email to contact the former outgoing exchange students from various institutions to get in more specific information about student life and studying experiences in different countries.

According to the Ramkhamhaeng University regulations of cross credit transferring, the official course equivalency of each partner universities will be given to students to plan for their study. In addition, the credits and grades earned, which appear in official transcripts approved by partner universities are required to be transferred back to IIS-RU for graduation.

Remark: Each partner university offers different seat quotas in order to maintain an exchange balance record and to ensure a high level of student quality with first come first serve basis. Therefore, outgoing exchange students have to plan their registration and course selection carefully and do quickly send the course registration or learning agreement to partner universities in time.